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Fashionista NOW: Animal Prints Inspiration – Cat Prints In Fashion

Domestic felines are a source of endless delight to anyone who loves these furry bundle of wholesome joy. In fashion, it is no wonder that cat prints appear to have retained that lovely and quirky elements that we naturally fall for in real life.

Being a popular trend within the Japanese gyaru fashion, these cat prints are designed to give off tons of saccharine sweetness and innocence that will make you say ‘awww..’ in an instant. Kitty prints in clothing are so unlike the leopard or tiger prints which are looked upon as a wilder and edgier fashion statement.

Cat prints as well as bird prints in fashion are ultimately much tamer and understated as these furry and feathered creatures symbolize a general spirit of freedom and curiosity.

Although it may just an immediate conditioned inclination to love the cuteness of felines, it can also be speculated that there’s something about the feline friendliness that they find themselves wanting to portray through fashion.

So when they put on a shirt with cat prints, they’re subtly putting it out there, that – besides their love for the kitties – they too are friendly as the old neighborhood cat. At least, that’s what I think.

Cat prints in fashion can be found decorating clothing, shoes, bags and purses. In jewelry, you’d see feline ornaments used as pendants on necklaces, rings and more. And if you’re a truly obsessed cat fan, you’d most probably own just about anything with a cat or two stamped on. You may also be nuts over Hello Kitty.

Scroll down for some fashion ideas inspired by fashionistas who are fiercely into cat prints, cat jewelry and cat-inspired footwear.

Are you a cat lover who loves kitty print fashion? What do you think is so lovable about the cat prints’ trend? Tell us below. Meow!

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