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Fashionista NOW: Can’t Get Enough Of Prints? Say Hello To Abstract Prints

Abstract prints in clothing unite art and fashion in one stroke.

Abstract patterns tend to go beyond the usual patterns seen in floral, animal or tribal print trends as they’re essentially ‘not realistic’ and thus, will deliberately come in designs that distort the natural version of recognizable images.

In abstract printed clothing as well as artworks of the abstract genre, the shapes, colors and textures will divert from what we normally perceive to be the usual imagery of existing worldly objects. Imagination and freedom of expression lead the way to the heart of abstractionism.

And in fashion, this serves quite a broad and tempting palette for designers to experiment and fashionistas who are fearless when it comes to incorporating bold experimental prints in their outfits.

Abstract blouses, dresses, skirts or leggings are visually-loud pieces that can be paired with something that’s more basic and neutral in order to stifle the competition between the two and let the abstract stands on it own.

Dresses in abstract prints are especially eye-catching and perfect for those with charming personalities that stand out more than their busy prints.

Do expect the choices that come within the abstract fashion haven to be gloriously diverse this year with some designs carry clean-cut lines featuring geometric shapes while others in a smudgy almost dreamy watercolor effect.

So how do you wear abstract prints?

Scroll down for a quick inspiration from the selection of abstract fashion ideas from lookbook.

So ladies, will you be dressed up in abstract prints anytime soon? Shoot your abstract thoughts down below.

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