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Fashionista NOW: The Neon Color Trend – How To Rock Neon As Color Accents?

This fashion season is welcoming the bold and bright electric colors to come out and play. But are you ready to go all-out with the neon color trend? If you’re not a big fan of bright eye-popping colors but would love to insert them into your outfits in small doses, then this piece is for you.

One of the street style lessons shared by Elle is that ‘brighter is better’ this season. However, you don’t have to be covered with neon bright hues from head to toe to be able to enjoy these show-stopping colors. Instead, you take it down a notch by using those colors in small servings to complement your neutrals; browns, creams, whites, and blacks.

The idea is to incorporate the electric colors as accents to spice up your usual style and take it to another fun level. If you’re curious on rocking neon hues this way, scroll down to get a few practical fashion points to get your creative juices flowing and to render the neon fashion trend completely wearable.

If you’re a gal who loves her casual comfortable shirt-and-pants look, don’t drop the neon colors just yet. Bring in some neon jewellery into the equation and add a bit of oomph to your usual get-up. Cue Olya’s casual style by introducing neon yellow necklace and candy-colored bangles into her black and white mix.

Or throw in some neon peachy pink shoes into your casual grey-black ensemble like lovely Betty (above). Notice how a splash of neon goodness brings up the style factor here?

If you’re not totally allergic to neon pink, you can wear something like a cardigan/jacket over your screaming pink top and finish off with your favorite dark skinny jeans. And oh yes, painting your nails in neon colors is the quickest way to rock the neon trend without breaking into a sweat.

And here’s another splash of neon pink into an otherwise very soft and muted ensemble. Danielle amps up the neon pink effect of her mullet dress by throwing on some pink platforms. Notice that her dress as well as her bling bling carries a tease of pink but not too much that she’d be mistaken for a strawberry lollipop?

Ivy Xu transforms her very pale floral get-up by incorporating a satchel and a pair of flats in bright neon yellow. Neon yellow as the accent color here lifts up the mood of her outfit. I just love how a single pop of neon color can give a jolt to a sleepy creamy floral ensemble.

Who says you can’t introduce more than one neon color into your muted ensemble? Of course you can! Follow how Kryz Uy spices up her ensemble with a splash of neon color mix. You will not stop traffic this way at all, I promise. But the fashion police may stop by to compliment you for your good taste.

Another way to have fun with neon colors without causing accidents on the road is to pair a neon skirt with a casual white slouchy top (above). Keep the rest of your accessories in neutral colors for a polished put-together end result.

And here’s one of my favorite neon inspired get-up ideas. Neon yellow by itself is a very loud color. It is an up-in-your-face color but somehow, Ana manages to calm the color down by mixing it up with the neutral black, grey and white from her tank top, eye-catching studded clutch and glamorous heels. The final result is oh-so chic, don’t you think?

What do honestly think about the neon color trend? Will you give it a go if only as color accents? Or do you find the bright fluorescent hues a bit too trendy for your liking? Shoot a comment below.

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