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Fashionista NOW: Bring Out Nostalgia Through Vintage Dresses And Fashion Photography

As the year ends, we all get that feeling of how fast time flies and we reflect on the experiences and happenings we have gone through the year and past years. Nostalgia’s just a thought away.

In fashion, it’s by slipping into a vintage dress (or other vintage-inspired clothing), and in fashion photography, by snapping a photo enhanced by a play of soft light and nostalgic earthy colors.

In this piece, we’ll be looking at the timeless nostalgia that’s pushed onto the visual surface of wearing vintage dresses. Hopefully, this will give you an idea on what to wear as you celebrate the end of the year, and the birth of a new one.

A plain white vintage dress focuses on your natural beauty. It doesn’t distract and the earthy-colored rattan bag and brown heels ooze of the many summers and hot windy days that’s gone by.

Any kind of vintage-inspired pieces will do to get you in the nostalgic mood. In this, the model wears a cocoon shawl and a vintage blouse turned into a dress. She completes the look with a black hat and hopefully shoes made for walking in rough terrains. I like the wind blowing through her hair and the cool green, the woods are all about.

Here you catch a peek of the vintage dress Estrella’s wearing over black trench coat. She looks snug and serene sitting on a patch of grass, probably dreaming of dreams to be fulfilled this coming new year. I just love that the outer edges are softly blurred, drawing the model into focus.

It’s similar to how we process time. It’s all about bringing our attention back to a period that our subconscious seem to linger upon.

Here, the model’s sporting a purplish red button-up, loose vintage dress with some delicate designs. The way the dress just drapes over her figure carelessly, without a cinching-belt, symbolizes a free spirit, of simpler times.

The model here wears a Victorian 1920s vintage dress, white with tiny black polka dots, and a pair of Korean wooden platform shoes. She also has on a skinny brown belt to mark her waistline. I love how the white mood of her ensemble teases out a touch of mystery and quiet elegance. Of course, she could pass off as a little ghost too.

And very much quite like the passing time, it moves right through us, and the memory we hold of it, of ‘time passing’ is measured by the significance of certain events and if we lose the ability to recall, wouldn’t the past be like a ghost-land? Who’s to say what has happened and when things happen.

The squinting beauty here has on a vintage dress purchased from a thrift store and to complete the look, she wears a pair of Miu Miu heels. You could tell that it was a hot day when the picture was taken, but the photo was transformed into a nostalgic piece via soft play of colors: blues, reds, greens, and yellows.

Mayo Wo, the queen of fashion, wears a lovely floral vintage dress, a skinny green belt on top, a nude hat, a retro suitcase and her signature socked feed in heels. A very quick way to get all vintage-y and nostalgic at the same time through appearance is by wearing beige and brown tones, the color of dried fragrant leaves and flowers.

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Spot a vintage piece in the photo above? You’re right, it’s the grey pleated skirt that she wears pulled to the waistline, almost high-waisted. The play of sunlight shining on her, casting tiny rays captured by the camera is just divine, don’t you think? And of course, the soft blue hue that seeps through the whole picture is just calming.

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The model here’s rocking a bright-colored vintage dress, vintage shoes and vintage bag all in one go. I bet that’s a vintage dog too. Absolutely kidding.

The hot brown day of the past is alive in this snapshot and I love the strong confident pose that she holds which subtly translates into the feeling that she’s about to seize the day and while Life’s roads are countless and treacherous, she’s going to be bold and choose any one road to journey on. If it fails, she’ll back up, and start again, with a rejuvenated spirit.

So, are you all feeling nostalgic as this year reaches to an end? I’m sure we all do, but if you want a fashion to reflect that state of mind, embrace vintage dresses, my dear. Or any vintage pieces that you like. Have fun!

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