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Fashionista NOW: High Waisted Styles Are The Bomb

I’ve had my time of wearing low waisted hipster jeans when my figure was a little leaner than now and it was a crazy trend that saw the competition of how super-low jeans could get. To date, gone are the days of low-cut jeans obsession, ever since I fell in love with them high waisted styles.

If the fashion trend makes you think of your mother’s (or grandma’s) old jeans when she was high on the Beatles and was a part of a rebel movement in college, you’re getting close.

Nowadays, these high-waisted styles are a variety – they go beyond the usual long jeans/pants – you’ve got high-waisted shorts, skirts and skinnies under one roof. And that’s where the fun comes in.

Scroll down for a gist on how to wear high waisted styles the right way.

Muffin Top No More

How does a high-waisted design alleviate the muffin top dilemma? It’s simple really. Your tummy will naturally get tucked in comfortably and you’ll never fear the appearance of the unsightly muffin top.

Front Pocket VS Back Pocket

If you’re slender, front pockets on a high-waisted shorts or pants are alright. Avoid them if you have a slightly heavy mid-section as they can make you look bulkier than you already are.

On the other hand, for wider-hipped ladies, back pockets (larger rear pockets or flap pockets, and details like sailor-inspired buttons) on high-rise jeans/shorts/pants are a must as without them, your posterior will appear bigger due to the wide expanse of the denim or non-denim material – unless that’s the look you’re aiming for.

Pick The Right Size For Your Figure

Wear a size too small and you’ll appear like you’re packing some junk in the middle. The only size to go when sporting on any high waisted wear is your own size. Too big, and you’ll look ridiculous. The top part of the high waist must always wrap around your body gingerly or just comfortable enough – not too tight/not too loose.

They Play Up Your Curves

Avoid wearing high waisted skinny jeans if you are on the curvy side. Instead wear a high waisted skirt that has a nice structure and minor detailing that skims over your bum and hips. Trust me, this will flatter and flaunt the curves of your waist and make you appear insanely feminine.

If you have pretty legs, it’s not a crime to show them off by sporting high-waisted shorts. Anything that falls above the knee will look good on just about anyone if you know how to pair the top(blouse) and the shorts according to figure-flattering colour and design.

Stick with one colour if you’re petite (from top to bottom) to give the illusion of a longer and leaner you.

Chunky belts create a distinct waistline on a figure that is lacking a bit of curves. They also mask the appearance of a muffin top.

For ladies with a very small and thin frame, high waist flared jeans can be flattering as they add a bit of volume and weight to their frail features.

High waisted styles are amazing on boyish type of figures as they help to create the illusion of an hour-glass shaped body. Because they cinch the narrowest part of your figure, which is the smallest area of your waist, they amp up the curves. And I love curves on a lady, anytime!

What do you think of high waisted styles? Are you an avid wearer of high waisted attires? I think that it’s one of the most underrated styles out there that is actually wearable for a broad range of body types. If you’re doubtful – take my advice and try it out at least once and then decide.

And let’s put the hype over low-hung hipster jeans to rest for a bit, shall we?

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