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Fashionista NOW: Bow Print Dresses Fashion Inspiration

Bow print dresses are feminine and playful. Learn ways to include bow patterned frocks into your summer wear via our favorite bow-themed looks.

Bow motif decorating clothing from tops to shorts are nothing new in fashion. Three-dimensional bow embellishing tops, skirts and dresses on the other hand have garnered quite a hardcore following.

Stemming from the love for the pretty little signature knot tied with two loops and two loose ends seen on tied shoe laces and decorative ribbons, bows have become popular patterns loved by many due to their classic appeal.

Bow prints in fashion are spotted on blouses, tees, scarves, jeans, leggings, bags and shoes.

For this piece, the focus falls on short playful dresses stamped with bow prints that can be easily introduced into your summer wear.

Similar to wearing polka dots, stripes or other motif, the way to approach bow patterns on clothing is to opt for a color, design and size that you are comfortable with wearing. As you would have probably guessed, this depends on your existing style preference.

Generally, small bow prints in any color are certainly more wearable in contrast to a larger print size variety. However, if you are known to sport bold larger-than-the-default prints and patterns with attitude and style, then the choice sits in the palm of your hands. No fashion police can ever stop you.

With mini twirly dresses, small-to-medium bow print size is highly recommended for easy dressing as it is not too visually-distracting while still giving its wearer some serious style mojo to flaunt.

Anyway, look below for our favorite bow patterned dress picks and the different ways that you can style them.

red bow print dress – Nishe

bow print dress – H&M

bow dress – Uniqlo


monochrome bow print dress – Red Valentino

Yves Saint Laurent Bow Strapless Dress

bow pattern strapless dress – Yves Saint Lauren

Take a bow!

jersey dress in bow prints – H&M

Is there a bow-themed dress here that tickles your fancy? Would you opt for a monochromatic style or embrace colors? Let us know in the comments below!

“Fashion is about what you look like, which translates to what you would like to be like.”Jean Paul Gaultier

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