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Fashionista NOW: Monochrome Stripes Are Back

The new fashion season is celebrating stripes in monochrome in a big fun way this year.

Even Rihanna’s River Island collection hinted at the layers of the much celebrated stripes that we all know is wearable even when it’s not being hyped up from the high street fashion corners.

Stripes for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 trend include bolder and wider widths and they go beyond the predictable conservative vertical or horizontal-only arrangements. The monochromatic stripes in black and white have been reworked on by fashion designers to go in different directions and widths. A bit of whimsical stripes doesn’t hurt us, no?

Expect to see more of a mixture multidirectional stripes that are made to extend their reach to all types of body shapes.

Remember how it’s been repeated like a gazillion times that vertical stripes elongate and horizontal ones widen an already widened area of the body?

Well, with a mix of non one-directional stripes, ladies of a variety of sizes can easily find one that has a mix of crisscross, wavy and a combination of both vertical and horizontal lines that will just complement and simply enhance their unique features.

Even a pregnant belly can be slightly camouflaged (but not from the baby-bump-obsessed media), just take a look at how The Saturdays’ Rochelle Humes hides her baby bump under vertical monochrome stripes. Okay, so maybe not and I don’t think that it was Rochelle’s ultimate aim when she stepped out of the house in it, anyway.

Take a scroll down to see how some of my favorite lookbookers are rocking this hot-like-potatoes trend!

cozy black and white stripe crewneck by Jacco Fashion

striped sweater by August Silk

stripe poncho cape sweater by Jocco Fashion

sheer stripe shirt

stripe denim shorts by Roxy

monochrome stripe dress by Motel Rocks

stripe maxi skirt by Leyendecker

stripe mini skirt by MissPouty

So ladies, what do you think of the monochrome stripe trend? Will you be sporting it anytime soon? Do you like the mish mash of directions and widths or do you prefer sticking with one-directional stripe arrangements? Share below please, we’d love to know!

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