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Fashionista NOW: Polka Dots In Black & White

Spots are back on in your face, oops I mean in fashion! Black and white polka dots are some of the sweetest most feminine prints out there and fashion designers have been afflicted with the obsession with the spots year after year like it’s an annual disease.

Ironically, the polka dots had started off in the early days being compared to the circular and scattered appearance of boils, measles and other skin afflictions. More on the complex history of polka dots can be read here.

These days, no one would have guessed the not-so-glamorous association as the sweet spots become a favorite motif among young fashionistas and celebrities. Monochromatic polka dots in black and white are especially a huge trend this year, without a doubt as it is most wearable, perfectly suited for formal and informal wear.

For a look at how to wear black and white polka dots, take a cue from the lookbookers below:

thrifted 90s dress

polka dots shirt with leather

blouse by Romwe

top by WAGW

dress by Romwe

blouse by KappAhl

vintage top

So, are you seeing spots everywhere yet? What do you think of polka dotted clothing? Love it or loathe it, we’d love to hear from you; so shoot your comments down below!

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