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Fashionista NOW: Chic Pants For The Ladies ~ Get Them In Polka Dots

Polka dotted pants – how can you not love them?

What, polka dots again? Really? Yeah, we all know I’ve so much love for polka dots that this piece is yet another one of those predicted extended hype pieces where I blabber on about my intense infatuation with polka dots.

Blame the adorable patterned dots for being so visually classic and chic, if you must. If you fancy yourself some chic pants minus the wild animal, floral and abstract prints, you must be insane if you don’t find dotted pants so in!

My rule for sporting these polka dotted pants right is to work it into an outfit so it looks casual chic like Taylor Swift’s or sophisticated chic like Poppy Delevingne’s.

Check out Taylor in polka dotted cropped jeans here.
Check out Poppy in polka dots here.

I would have loved Emma Robert’s polka dotted look if she’d replaced the sheer slouchy tee with something more structured like a cream colored sleeveless blouse that features a statement collar and kick the shades to the curb. But then, I’ve never understood the sheer top trend anyways so I’m in no position to be appreciative of this one.

For those of you who are just dying to find a way to include the amazing dotted patterns into your outfits, you are in good hands, for you have come to the place where dots in clothing are celebrated!

Scroll on down below to see how these lookbookers wear their polka dot pants.

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