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Fashionista NOW: 7 Fashionable Statement Blouses To Keep You Out Of The Style Rut

Have you ever experienced one of those days where digging into your wardrobe feels like a chore? No matter how you’ve diligently updated the closet, you just can’t think of the right thing to wear! I believe this affliction has a name and it is simply called stuck in a style rut.

Although it may feel like there is a heavy dark cloud hovering over you, this is just a state of mind.

So worry not my darlings, I’ll teach you how to remain fashionable even during this challenging period on fashion malaise.

My advice is to start organizing your wardrobe of the day by deciding the best statement top or blouse that you are going to wear and limit yourselves to doing just that first.

Once you get the tangle out of your mind by focusing on one key aspect of your outfit, which is in this case, the top, you will find it easier to select the pants or skirt and other accessories to go with it.

So, start by finding out your favorite statement blouses at the moment. This should be easy.

Below, I’ve selected 7 fashionable statement tops that will always remain in style and are super-easy to dress up or down. For those who need a bit of a push, you can use the selection to get your mental juices flowing.

The Polka Dot Top

The polka dot is a girly trend that manages to stay simple and classy. Choose dots that aren’t too big that they become a distraction. Follow Katrina‘s chic way of wearing hers with a pair of cream pants.

Fashionista NOW: How To Get Fashionably Polka-Dotted?

The Ruffle Top

The sleeveless top that has ruffle detailing around the neckline worn is an example of a top that can really make a fashion statement. I love how it exudes a bit of a vintage vibe and the simple cream skirt worn by Winifred complements it perfectly.

Fashionista NOW: Get Flirtatious With The Ruffles Fashion Trend

The Cape Top

A top that features a cape is a trend that’s been hyped up by fashion bloggers that I often wonder if it’s due to some kind of superhero wardrobe fetish. If you love flowy top, you may just adore the cape top. With a statement-grabbing top already in mind, all you have to do then is to just pick something subdued like a monochromatic skinny jeans or shorts to pair it with, the way Marcella wears hers.

The Slouchy Knitted Top

Texturizing your outfit will add a bit of an interesting feel to your whole look. With a statement knitted top, you kill two birds with one stone. The knit top gives you style and texture and it can be dressed up or down almost too easily. Pair it with a midi pencil skirt in black for a semi-formal look. For a bit of fun that’s more casual, cue Cheyser‘s way of rocking it with a short tribal skirt.

The Sequined Top

For days where you feel like shining, the statement sequined top is highly recommended. A metallic gold sequined sleeveless top is so eye-catching that it’s most practical to pair it up with something like the cargo skinny pants that Daniela is sporting below.

Fashionista NOW: The Sequin Trend – How To Rock It Without Looking Like A Disco Ball?

The Lace Top

Blouses that feature lace details are a huge trend. If you have chosen to wear a statement lace top for the day, keep everything else complementary to it in a way that allows the lace to pop out. Karolina wears her lace top with a simple plain black shorts for a chic and casual look.

Fashionista NOW: Get Crazy With Lace In Fashion

The Top With Statement Collars

This is another loved trend among fashionistas. The collar of a top has become accessorized to the point that it is now the new statement accessory. Sirma wears her button-up fancy collared blouse with an understated denim.

Fashionista NOW: Sass It Up With Trend-Setting Detachable Collars

Are you feeling a little bit inspired now to work some magic into your daily wardrobe? Which of these statement blouses are your favorite? Share below!

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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