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Fashionista NOW : How To Wear An All Black Outfit In The Summer?

There’s no reason NOT to wear black when it’s hot like mad outside if that is your style jam. Consider a few factors that can maximize your comfort while sporting an all black number with the help of the fashionistas who wear the non-color trend in the heat of summer.

For a wearable all-black ensemble that will not kill you while you’re out in the sun, make sure that the main fabric is breathable cotton. You don’t need me telling this but it’s just a reminder. A flowy shape that’s spacious present in your blouse, dress, romper or bottom will give you room for the random bit of breeze to enter while letting the heat escape from your body. Of course, consider that some bodies get shockingly cooler fast, while some edge into about-to-explode hot category for no reason; so mix and match fabric types according to your personal biological need.

Depending on where you’ll be spending most of your time at or if you’re anticipating a sudden pour or chill that will render your summer-friendly outfit utterly useless, be wise by carrying a proper outerwear to slip into (and a sturdy but cute umbrella) just in case. Logical-and-practical thinking employed, you may now absorb the visual style cues below to making your all-black summer werk, werk, werk.


All Black Outfit Ideas For The Summer 2016

| Annesfashionlove

| Chloe From The Woods

| Mau

| Natalia Pawlik

| Thuy Bee

| Rosa Pel

| Miaoda Chen

Which look is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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