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Fashionista NOW: Don’t Let Your Umbrella Kill Your Style This Monsoon Season

Credit | Aevoulette Benssalconia

An umbrella is not a hat, but would you wear an ugly hat? I don’t think so. The umbrella is an extension of your wardrobe while you are out in the rain but why don’t we all make an effort to carry a pretty umbrella?

Umbrellas are an absolute must this monsoon season.

Without them, we would all be drenched, experiencing bouts of shivering along with a sad case of flat and wet hair and clothes sticking like second skin to our bodies and that is not what we want, right, ladies?

One of the most important things that will set you apart here in Monsoon territory where rain happens when it wants usually without seemingly any clear signs (which are of course quite apparent only to the highly-observant) is your ability to be prepared with a functional and sturdy umbrella WAY BEFORE the pour. However, there’s no reason to slag off on the fashion front just because it’s just an umbrella. It never is, as an umbrella is an extension of your wardrobe while you’re out in the rain.

I’d like to think that you’d be particularly motivated to carry one if it is CUTE and that it matches your outfit.

I mean, why not, right? You want your shoes to go with your outfit and those feet are situated pretty far down on the ground. An umbrella will be gripped by your hand and that hand extends out from your upper body and it – the umbrella, I mean – covers and hovers at the top most important part of the human body and that’s your head. Why would you hold anything ugly next to your head, right?

Just because you aren’t able to look at other people in the eye while remaining hidden behind your umbrella trying the hardest to avoid puddles of mud water and failing miserably at it, it doesn’t mean that others can’t see that your umbrella is a little sad-looking. It is even sadder to carry an ugly umbrella especially when it is so flimsy that it’s about to break and it goes against the vibe of your outfit.

Spare the horror you’d cause to an onlooker and keep your fashion sense intact; just carry the pretty kind of umbrella that you bought yourself from a proper shop and not the free kinds left by random strangers at public toilets.

Say it with me:

Umbrellas Ought To Be Treated Like Another Fashion Accessory.

Cue the looks below for some chic umbrella ideas that will so not crimp your style this monsoon. Enjoy!



| Jessica Luxe



| Briana L.



| Vladyslava Kozachyshche



| Cissy Zhang


See Through

| Una Yeung



| Oksana A.


Sleek Black

| Anna


Be honest: What kind of umbrella style do you go for? Are you a strictly utilitarian dresser who gives no shred of care over your umbrella’s level of attractiveness or are you the queen bee for coordinating absolutely every little thing? Share away below!

“I really like umbrellas. It’s like, I have a roof! I carry it with me! Umbrellas always amuse me.”John Green

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