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Fashionista NOW: The Flared Midi Skirt Styles To Wear ~ Pleated, Dotted + Sashed

The Flared Midi Skirt Styles To Wear  ~ Pleated, Dotted + Sashed

This post is about three good looking flared midi skirt styles that will instantly make you feel extra ladylike.

Ladies, you know how I love me some midi length skirts and dresses and have to now call your attention to the newly released beauties I found while eyeballing selections of floaty bottoms on ZALORA Malaysia.

I was taken by these three styles in particular but all them are flared midi skirts, so they’re best worn on days and nights when you feel like dancing for no absolute reason. Well, I take that back, even when you don’t feel like swaying your hips, these are the skirts that will make you want to right after your slip into one.

With the length that isn’t short or long so anyone from their cute grandmas can wear these babies. Like oh my goodness: Think of all the nights with your best ladies out in an all outfit-coordinated mood clad in these twirly midi skirts ready to munch, vent, laugh and inspire. Exciting!

So, anyways, let us immerse our sweet sense of sight with the SEVEN flared midi skirts that can give your old skirt repertoire a refreshing boost of energy! Enjoy ladies + gents!


Black Chiffon Sash


| shop here


Classic Pleated Grey


| shop here


Zipper Waist Black


| shop here


Pleated Baby Green


| shop here


Pleated Black


| shop here


Pleated Grey


| shop here


Polka Dotted


| shop here


Which midi skirt has got you excited? Share below – I’d love to know!

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