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Fashionista NOW: 7 Off The Shoulder Dress Style Ideas To Wear All Summer

For fans of blouses with the off-the-shoulder style: SEVEN easy breezy off-the-shoulder dress styles to work into your summer wardrobe.

Fans of off-the-shoulder blouses will be completely psyched and ready to embrace the dresses with the same shoulder-flaunting silhouette this summer. To help you get into the style groove in this sunny-weather-worthy dress trend, I’ve gathered a list of 7 off-the-shoulder dress styles from Lookbook so you can see what’s out there in terms of variety, how to style them and most importantly, the kind of shoes to wear with such a dress.

I personally have yet to try this dress style with full intention other than what could be the more predictable spaghetti strap or sleeveless dress types that both allow for some shoulder-tease. But of course, why not flaunt all of the sweet, sweet upper bits of your torso up to the chest area for a change, right?

So, gals, without further ado, let us get acquainted with the styles of the off-the-shoulder dress trend one can opt to wear this sunny stretch of the year (which is all year here in Malaysia, ha ha ha). Enjoy!

Summer-Worthy Off-The-Shoulder Dress Styles

Off The Shoulder Grid Hi-Lo Dress

| Sofija Lukjanska

Off The Shoulder Little White Dress

| Alexandra G.

Off The Shoulder Little Black Dress

| Yentl

Off The Shoulder Pink Dress

| Jenn Lake

Off The Shoulder Black Midi Dress

| Kate I.

Elegant Off The Shoulder Balloon Dress

| Merna Mariella

Which off the shoulder dress caught your eye? Share below – I’d love to know!

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