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Fashionista NOW: How To Style Your Metallic Top Casual ?

How To Style Your Metallic Top Casual?

Metallic Tops – The kind that shine and shimmer, reflect and glimmer can be very visual. To tame the glam that is embodied by shiny tops, find FOUR casual style tips and ideas here.

Casual Ways To Wear Metallic Tops

1. Wear With Your Skinny Jeans


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A gold metallic top in a relaxed shape like this can be teamed with a pair of leg-clinging skinny jeans. If you’re game for some mixture of femme and masculine elements, throw on a pair of combat boots to effectively balance out the pretty vibe of the shimmery blouse.


2. Wear With A 70s Front Button Skirt


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The denim skirt in this 70s signature style can help tone down the party in your metallic top in an instant. To give it a ballerina vibe, slip into lace-up black ballet flats. Casual and chic slayed, in one outfit!


3. Wear With Yet Another Skinnies


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But this time, opt for a feminine footwear: the peep-toe pumps. Consider the way your metallic top is designed. Is it textured? If it is like this top, then keep the rest of your pieces devoid of textural touches that stand out if your aim is to dress along the minimalist style line.


4. Wear With Ripped White Jeans


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Nothing spells laidback casual than a pair of strategically-ripped jeans. In white, the pants just begged to be partnered up with any kind of top. Aiming for an off-white earthy wardrobe palette? Pair your metallic beige top with the ripped jeans in white/cream. Finish off with plimsolls/sneakers in similar shades.

So, that is how easy it is to turn the notch down into casual but chic territory when you’re wearing a metallic top. No more looking at your old sequined top with fear now that you know it can be styled down so it’s wearable again!

Which of these metallic-theme looks inspire you? Share below – I’d love to know!

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