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Fashionista NOW: Banana Prints Fashion Inspiration

Going bananas from the summer’s heat and humidity? Reflect that spirit by wearing banana printed clothing!

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Fashionista NOW: Pineapple Prints Fashion Inspiration

Summer’s spirit is in the air and what a cool and quirky way to celebrate it in style with some refreshing pineapple prints! Move away yesterday’s animal and floral prints, tropical fruits are redefining this season’s hottest trend.

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Fashionista NOW: Houndstooth Print Fashion Trend

Houndstooth prints aren’t a new thing in fashion. In fact, the trend made an early comeback in 2009 but its ancient history reaches far back into the 1800s in Scotland.

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Fashionista NOW: Hot Pink Summer Fashion Ideas

Pink, it’s the color of passion, sings Aerosmith. Summer fashion shares similar passion as hot pink becomes the go-to color. It’s a fancy spruce-y hue, no doubt and it’s one that can enliven just about any neutral outfit.

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Fashionista NOW: The Transparent/See Through Accessories Trend

Clear bags, purses and clutches are making a chic comeback, with transparent shoes tagging along behind. What’s appealing about transparent plastics, you wonder. Why are see-through accessories the next coveted trend?

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Fashionista NOW: Summer Knits ~ The Knit Top Trend

Knit pieces aren’t often considered summer-friendly but we’re about to break that narrow perception. There’s that appeal of bringing the unexpected into the sunnier part of the month.

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Fashionista NOW: Flag Print Fashion Obsession

The two popular flags celebrated in fashion are American and British. Not sure why people wear flags of other countries as fashion statement? Don’t care for the whys but would like to know how to sport the flag prints in style?

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Fashionista NOW: Goodbye B&W, Hello Summer Stripes

Have you had enough of the monochromatic black and white stripes? Broaden your fashion horizon this summer with colored stripes instead.

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Fashionista NOW: Statement Blouse Ideas For Eid 2013

Have you thought about what to wear this Hari Raya while keeping it budget-friendly? What to wear after you’ve rotated through all the traditional and modern baju raya selection in your closet? Stay calm as we share a list of statement blouses for you to pick from.

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Fashionista NOW: Ocean Inspired Fashion ~ The Fish Print Trend

The underwater-inspired fashion is one that we don’t hear about that much. But did you know that it had made an appearance on the fashion runways for Spring/Summer last year?

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Fashionista NOW: Stylish Summer Skirt Trends ~ Tulip, Draped & Wrap

This post is dedicated to all skirt-obsessed fashionistas. Skirts of various styles are part and parcel of the seasonal summer staple. And if you’re the kind of woman who will not step out of the house without sporting some form of a skirt, then you’ll want to quickly get on with the current hot skirt trends.

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Fashionista NOW: The Cape Style Fashion Trend

A cape is an ancient sleeveless outer garment designed to fasten around the neck/throat and falls over the back of the wearer up to the hip area. Contemporary fashion has transformed the utilitarian garment into a visually-unique style that is coveted by anyone who wants to stand out.

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