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Fashionista NOW: 10 Malaysian Lookbook Girls To Follow Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Sarah Mai

Where can I find lookbookers from Malaysia to follow, you ask? We present to you TEN fashion-aware ladies who hail from the tropical patch in South East Asia.

The fashion community in Lookbook (LB) is global and we borrow style inspiration from one another like the oxygen we breathe in. It’s not uncommon to feel like the street style look seems kind of familiar minus the extreme weather wear.

Zooming the focus back home where I roam, I start the list with Sarah Mai (seen in the intro image above) who has a major crush on fashion, food, parties and everything lovely. Her overall style oozes easy feminine chic with dresses and skirts making up the bulk of her stylish wardrobe. She is a 5-feet tall fashionista — so if you’re looking for some petite fashion inspiration, count on Sarah for some serious style pointers.

For the rest of the chic chicks that make into my list of Malaysia-Based LB Girl POWER team, ogle away below:

LB Street Style Gals From Malaysia:

| LiTing Tey

18-year-old LiTing is a fashion blogger and designer based in Malaysia. Her wardrobe style palette is made of flirty, twirly skirts and dresses. Her love for prints and chic neutral colors is reflected in her lookbook that she’s one to follow for those who love to inject a mix of everything once in a while without going over the top.

| Elreena N.

Elreena is a self-confessed hat-addict who is prone to spilling food and walking into things (as she admitted on her blog) but if you’re into edgy outfit styling mixed in with phases of feminine attire, the girl who digs hat is your go-to style resource.

| Juliana Lee Mei Yen

Fashion-obsessed graphic designer Juliana (also better known as Jules) has a taste for a wardrobe that is fun and girly to the max. Her lookbook is bursting with colors and patterns, cleverly styled to perfection.

| Richeen Siew

Appreciate edginess styled with doses of quirky retro elements? The young fashionista, Richeen nails it all. Her looks are almost always dark and broody but with a brilliant inclusion of unexpected color and pattern. If you love wearing black and would like to find cool ways to enliven it without sacrificing edge, give this lass a follow!

| Serene S.

The lady in the long curly tresses is an aspiring graphic designer and an avid jewelry maker. Serene is a lover of pants, as evident in her LB and is — I deduce — totally into the color tangerine orange which is superbly lovely on her complexion. Her style is sleek with a preference of the occasion pop of bold color. For cool DIY-related tips and things, she’s the one to follow!

| Diva In Me

Yen, the fashion lover has been in the LB scene since 2011. With over 190 looks posted, you can be sure to witness her style progression over the years. One thing that is apparent style-wise is that she has appreciation for all colors. From humble pants and shorts to pretty skirts and dresses, here’s someone who knows how to expertly combine colors and patterns while still retaining a strong personal style.

| Tess Lively

Tess is one of the rare street style icons that I must admit I am truly smitten with. If you’ve trawled the fashion space and you’re from Malaysia, I’m pretty confident you’ve spotted this darling dark queen fashionista. I love the grungy aura of her style and the commitment she has with her outfits. Style-wise, it is admirable that she never deviates too far from what works for her.

| BoboStephanie Siow

If you love the look of the adorable or kawaii style, give BoboStephanie a follow. She loves to mix it up in the wardrobe department, so you’ll always be surprised with what she’ll have in store next.

| Xi Voon Tan

She loves chunky shoes, creepers, and sleek boots and I love these too. Her wardrobe’s a mixture of the retro and modern and she exudes a certain old soul style vibe I quite like. A reason to follow? You bet!

So, what do you think of my Malaysia-based LOOKBOOK girl list? Are they anyone that I’ve missed? Share your thoughts below – I enjoy reading them!

“Fashion is chaotic, and it can be an aggravation, too, but it is at its best when it allows you to express yourself.”John Malkovich

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