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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear The Drop Waist Dress Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Gela Muñoz

Ever wondered what kind of dress that has a skirt that appears to start below the natural waist? Well, now you know that it’s the drop waist dress! Find out if it’s an all figure-friendly dress (or not) and more below!

Unlike the skater dress or the shift dress that screams versatile and suited for all sorts of body type, the drop waist dress is a bit of a challenge to wear due to its lowered waistline.

After looking at how our Malaysian fashionista Yen, from the Diva In Me styled her drop waist dress, I’m inspired to gather some relevant fashion considerations that one should ponder upon when one decide to wear this particular ‘fluted hem’ dress (which was what I initially called it at first) and the body types that work best with the dress signature silhouette.

Without further ado, with the help of selected style-savvy lookbookers below, I hope you’ll finally find a reason to wear or stay away from the drop waist dress trend.

To Wear Or Not To Wear The Drop Waist Dress, That Is The Question:

| Goodbadandfab Girl

The characteristic of the drop waist dress, where the waist starts lower than then natural curve traces back to the Roaring Twenties, the decade when fashion finally entered the modern era. Back then, the low-waisted dress with its distinct voluminous hem allowed women to literally kick up their heels to a dance called the Charleston.

| Lena Antonacci

Just like the shift dress that came about in the 1920s, the drop waist dress can be donned to reflect a wardrobe with a retro vibe. Add in modern pieces like a super tall chunky heel and minimal jewelry to give it a current fashion interpretation.

| Wafaa Hassan

Wafaa takes her low-waisted dress into the much loved modern casual dressing by pairing it with a pair of sneakers and a small cross shoulder bag. I love the high neckline of her dress as it keeps the focus upward and also directs it toward the pretty pleats.

| Madeline Becker

Body shape wise, the low-waisted dress is wonderful on slender-figured and straight-framed (no defining curve) ladies. For petite gals, opt for a more tailored frock with a skirt that isn’t too voluminous and make sure the hem ends a few inches above the knee. This way, you’ll avoid getting lost in all that fabric.

A striped (or any boldly patterned) drop waist dress may help to camouflage certain body issues you may have but be sure to pick one where the waist (and the skirt part of the dress) blends seamlessly with the top.

| Elle Gillard

Here’s a party-ready red drop waist dress that is twirl-ready for that energetic dance. Any solid colored dress will highlight the signature silhouette of the dress and if it truly accentuates your natural body shape. If you are afflicted with a sudden belly bloating that takes place monthly, this is the kind of dress to stay away from as it is bottom-heavy.

For pear-shaped figures, this may pose a relatable challenge. But don’t let that stop you – rely on prints like stripes and other body-enhancing colorblock effect which may make a drop waist dress work for you.

| Jules V.

Talking about patterns, this very relaxed low-waisted dress is a must-have no matter what body shape you are blessed to have! I mean, just look at it – it’s a combo of the super cozy shirt shirt dress plus the mildy-ruffled low-starting flared-out skirt.

Layer up the way Jules does hers and allow for a generous part of the skirt to peek through.

| Ria Michelle

Ria is wearing a much more body-fitting, sleeveless variation of the drop waist dress. Here’s is a pretty dress (that features little cutouts below the bust) for anyone with a fit (or naturally slender) mid-section who is ready to go out on the town for the the day or evening. She keeps it simple with an almost all-white color scheme, wearing the dress with a pair of heeled pointed-toe booties in white.

| Christine Wang

This one’s a more casual drop waist dress that’s perfect for the summer. For light layering, wear a structured vest over the flowy frock. Finish off with a dose of edge in the form of buckled cutout boots and boost up the class with a little clutch. Accessorize to the beat of your style rhythm.

| Diva In Me

Last but not least, this is the latest look from Yen, the Malaysian fashion blogger that I mentioned earlier. Here’s how you can style a patterned drop waist dress for brunch or a night out. Yen unleashes her inner stylista by complimenting her statement low-waisted dress with a pointy heel and keeping the color scheme of the outfit within the cool category of baby blue and turquoise in the background of black.

Tell me what do you think of this drop waist dress style? Is it the kind of dress that you wear or would love to wear? Share your thoughts below – I’d love to know how you’d wear this tricky dress!

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“Fashion fosters cliches of beauty, but I want to tear them apart.”Miuccia Prada

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