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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear The Skater Dress Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Dawn Jayde

If you love the fit-and-flare dress style, then the skater dress is an obligatory must-have. Click for some skater dress fashion tips and more.

Skater dresses are very much loved due to the obvious flattering shape. I wrote about the skater dress trend back in 2012 and after two years, it remains to be one of the popular dress types that many just can’t do without. Including Zooey Deschanel, who wore the A-line dress as she attended the 2014 FOX Fall Eco-Casino party at The Bungalow on September 8, 2014 in Santa Monica, California. Hers was a white skater dress with a black accented vest which she wore in a minimalist sort of way paired with sensible black pointy heels.

So, how does one wear the body-shape-friendly skater dress? It should easy easy considering that all you have to do is put your head in the hole of the dress? Well, if only that was all to it! As always: to the looks for a burst of inspiration:

dress – Romwe | Vivienn N.

A skater dress’ A-line skirt hugs the waist and then flare out becoming a must-have staple for those with a less curvy frame. For those with a voluptuous figure, make sure the dress is tailored to your form. A dress too constrictive can work against your natural body shape, making you appear larger that you are.

The same rule applies to petite ladies, unless you’re going for the slightly relaxed route.

dress – Asos | Diana Z. Wang

Skater dresses are designed in various styles showing off different elements, like prints, colors and the use of other fabric details like lace, mesh and cutout work. A black cutout dress with gentle pleats is a chic choice, perfect for day and night. A color-blocked skater dress can flatter the form if the darker colors are present on both sides of the waist.

dress – Fever London | Helena Cueva

Pop on a skinny belt for some waist definition should you ever need it. With a grid print skater dress in tangerine and navy, Helena chooses a complementary colored belt to go with the dress and keeps her heels muted in a chic flesh tone. Less in certainly, more.

dress – Topshop | A n n -M a r i e Y a n g

A gray skater dress is a neutral piece to have that can be worn with a jacket or own its own. Check out how the waist of the dress fall over your waistline to make sure that it is not too high or too low.

dress – Zara | Elena De Coster

Here’s another way to style a gray skater dress using very casual items like white trainers and denim jacket. A skater dress can be worn as girly as you’d like with dainty jewelry and slinky footwear or, you can keep it sporty and relaxed the way Elena coordinates hers.

While the skater dress is flattering for all kinds of figures, the important thing to consider is how the waist fall and fit over your natural waistline. Make sure the bodice of the dress gently hugs your frame as opposed to constricting your blood flow. The sleeves should follow the same rule. Bulges are only cute on muffins.

There are dresses for everyone but sometimes, in the excitement of a compulsive online/offline shopping spree, we err on the side of making the body conform to the dress, which is a mistake and a waste of your hard-earned dough. So, measure, measure and measure again. Or try on the dress at the store after you’ve eaten something. And bring an honest friend. Well, you get the idea.

Where to find cute and affordable skater dresses in Malaysia?

Check out the skater dress selection I’ve compiled for you below:

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lace panel skater dress

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jacquard skater dress

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cross front skater dress

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cold shoulder skater dress

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three quarter sleeve skater dress

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Applicable for first-time shoppers from Malaysia/Brunei!

Fall-friendly ways to style a skater dress that involve some form of layering:


| creative set designed by Katherine

Derek Inspired Christmas Party Outfit with Requested Dress

| creative set designed by Virginia

pull over & floral dress

| creative set designed by glynnas

Sans titre #2501

| creative set designed by celyana

Do you like any of the skater dress styles shown here? Is the skater dress one of your favorites? Share your thoughts and let us know!

“We need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion. It’s like hunger and thirst — you need them both.”
Karl Lagerfeld

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