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Fashionista NOW: Why Long Vests Are Happening Right Now?

Credit | Andreea Chirila

Long vests are better than melted cheese on toast. Find out why someone who didn’t care for vests that much (hint: me) is now seeing them with a renewed perspective!

Long Vests – Who’d have thought they’d really taken off so brilliantly this year. Fans are aplenty and I must be honest and confess that I really thought that nothing could be more of a boring layering option than a vest and boy, was I really mistaken. When I had thought off vests initially, all I could picture was the short denim type the 90s kids wore and as far as wearing it myself, I just never was swayed enough to want to do that, you know?

So, after seeing a bunch of fashionistas showing off their A-style-game in a vest coat or outerwear of the long variety, I’m here to report that the fact that I don’t own a single piece of a long-line vest is making me feel a wee bit left out and that is just ridiculous, I know, but such is life!

I have a thing for the long-line cape-ish style of outerwear that makes the wearer looks like a superhero or villain, and the new breed of long vests is a breath of fresh air amidst this toxic haze that threatens to smoke me out like a piece of ham. These vests are far from boring because they add a touch of sophistication even when you are wearing your vilest, most decaying casual outfit and when partnered up with a much civilized form of a sleek getup, and proper sleek shoes you tend to wear to impress and be taken seriously, they just ooze a certain freshness that a short vest will just not do!

Ultimately, it lies in the long line cut that I find really flattering and depending on the kind of top you’re wearing underneath with attention paid close to the neck and sleeve style, you can pretty much carry off an array of looks ranging from the most relaxed to dressy.

If you’re scared of being swallowed up by a long vest because of your petiteness, be sure to check that the vest hits you at the sweet spot above the knee-to-mid-thigh region but if you really want to give a the long line cut a go, be sure to lengthen the leg area by wearing a high-waisted kind of skirt or pants so that the visual is also pulled upwards but of course, these are just a few safe style pointers – you may go all out, sling the book of so-called style rules out of the window and invent your own way of wearing the long vest!

Without further ado, go on and scan through the looks below with your own eyeballs and see if long vests are actually tickling your fancy (I chose these looks because they’re fab and if you’re stumped wondering how to pull off the long vest with a variety of outfits, you could perhaps draw in some real style ideas below!):

So, cherry-munchers (I decide to be creative and call you lovely lot who’s been following me here this for now), be honest: Do you wear long vests at all? How do you style yours? If you’re like me so late in the fashion game where vests are concerned, what’s stopping you from trying the new vest look? Drop your thoughts like they’re hot down below!

Random fact about me: I cannot wait for the next creepy episode of American Horror Story!

“The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.”Carl Jung

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