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Fashionista NOW: Suedette Brown, Shades Of Camel And Contrast Stitching

Suedette Brown, Shades Of Camel And Contrast Stitching

Let’s start this post on a pet peeve of mine: contrast stitching. And then we’ll eyeball looks with suedette brown and shades of camel brown.

Contrast stitching is just annoying. I hate seeing it on bags and if they’re present on shoes and clothes, I loathe it so much I picture myself making a bonfire out of them and finishing the whole process with a loving kindness meditation.

It’s such a first-world fashion problem I know, but let me just say that when the needlework is done with a thread of a totally different color from the primary color that is say, evident on a bag, it is as though the machinery or maker of the item has run out of material in the same color to use and so has creatively (not) resolved the issue under the guise of contrast stitching in the spirit of subtle ‘color blocking’ and all I’mma say to that is: NO!!

So guys, what have you been all up to besides finding out that I have a major issue with contrast stitching? Are there trends that you’re up to the eyeballs with you want to share with me? I’m really down to hearing (reading) all of your thoughts and you know that there is a space down below for you to vent, right?

Moving on: With the haze particles tickling my nose and burrowing into eyeballs, I am happy to let the looks below take over so you can get your dosage of style inspo on ways suedette brown (or just brown hues in general) can be all you need to give your wardrobe a transformation if you haven’t already because everyone knows it’s the thing now, right?

But first, what in the world is suedette? Is it something like a dudette? Pretty sure, it’s not.

Quick definition, it is actually a material made of cotton or rayon that has a texture of suede and thus, isn’t genuine suede so you don’t have to rob a bank to get a piece of that suede game action this season. Alternatively, if suede’s texture isn’t your thing, anything in the shade of brown or beige or tan or nude or camel, whichever you like to call that brown hue you like, this would work as well for fleshing out that 70s look you like so much!

Enjoy, my dear cherry-munchers!

Random fact about me: Ellen Degeneres makes me have belly laughs and jaw aches. She’s amazing, and if you need a laugh for free this instant, then you should  watch this!

So, which of the brownish pieces would you be most psyched to wear?

Drop your lines down below – And be honest, what do you think about contrast stitching – Does it make you want to pull your hair out because you know that feeling when you see a cute bag from afar and upon closer inspection the darn thing is ruined with a ridiculously colored stitching???!!

“Just go up to somebody on the street and say ‘You’re it!’ and then run away.”Ellen DeGeneres

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