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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Nail The Dark Witchy Look Halloween Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Chelsea Miller

Dressing witchy is the thing to do in October. Pull off a modern witch look with the help of these bewitching ladies.

October’s the month for dressing witchy whether you’re a witch for real or not. With Halloween inching closer, witches from all types of style persuasion come out to wear their inner darkness out on the sleeves.

I, for one, find the portrayal of witches in the media and entertainment industry fun and exciting considering that it is one of the many ways you can express a side of you hidden in the shadow (or not), teasing it out to play in dark and mysterious gars that you imagine a stereotypical cauldron-minding witch is clad in at all times, only the rules are not set in stone.

But alas, you need not be sitting by the cauldron to pull off these witchy looks unless you’re cooking up a special broth and snapping a selfie to mesmerize someone your heart is beating awkwardly for.

Let’s jump in right into it, shall we?

| Judy L.

You can never fail with the combo of black, a peek of sheer lace and the wide brim hat. A witch’s classic hairstyle that will always work no matter what is one that’s windblown a la the carefree boho hair style.

| Anna Garavello

Black is a must for a dark witch ensemble but don’t let the darkness of it box you in. Get plants in the mix for an unexpected kawaii flavor.

| Silver Wolfie

The demon witch has no time to spare fussing over the old cauldron when she can straight-up hypnotize unsuspecting mortal creatures while seated on a rock somewhere. Silver’s black hooded top, purple hair and lips and the enchanting jewelry set all work to conjure a bit of magic.

| Veira Minit

A witch that embraces the monochrome trend is fantastic, reveals my book of hocus pocus dressing. Veira injects a paint-splatter type of black and white print through her long tunic top she pairs with her leather leggings. A long carefree hair, dark pout and a hat complete this sorcery.

| Nicolette Michelle

Nicolette is certainly not your average witch as her witchy look iteration is bubbling with fun energy. All black aside from the peter pan collar and hair, she’s ready to be caught casting spells stylishly.

| CM

Want to amp up the brooding factor of your garb? Follow CM as she layers her mesh top over a black bralette and completes her bottom half with a long black skirt. Her feet are snug in a pair of strappy sandals. The O ring choker and carefully-coordinated arm candy intensify the look.

| Anna Jaroszewska

Sometimes, you’ve got to let your inner dark soul boldly speak out through the attitude you wear and Anna shows how it’s easily done even in easy-breezy fluffy sweater in blood red and black jeans. The long wild hair and septum nose ring add to the ready-for-magic look.

| Candy Hashi

Here’s a sporty kawaii witch look by Candy Hashi and she reveals that the mystical power of popcorn cannot be tamed by wearing socks in the print. Her brilliant violet hair is magic!

| Nün Style Blog

Nün knows how to give the witch look a modern update by wearing a black bandeau mesh top with black shorts that are layered with a black shirt dress worn as a flowy outerwear. The layered necklace and moody blue hair seal off the modern witch look.

Check out our bewitching JEWELRY LIST to match with your witchy outfits here!

So, which of the looks do you like best? How would you style your own witchy look – Share below, I would really love to know!

Random fact about me: There was a time in my life when I thought that I might be a witch in a past life. The Blair Witch Project shattered the illusion I had of witches being nothing but cool. Watch it to give you a good spook, only if you dare!

“Witches don’t look like anything. Witches are. Witches do.”Franny Billingsley

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