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Fashionista NOW: 7 Effectively Scary Halloween Makeup Videos To Watch Before Bedtime

Like seeing beautiful people turn disturbingly creepy in minutes? Let’s go!

Sometimes, the easiest way to go really spooky on Halloween is to turn your pretty face into a horrifying one. We show you 7 of our favorite scary YouTube makeup transformation tutorials that will have your heart pumping because hey, it’s always fun to see normal people ending up looking utterly demented, right?

Let’s dive in really quick. Be sure to put aside your plates of food and drinks for tomorrow because some of these tutorials might make you lose your appetite fast or worse, make you hide behind soggy instant ramen noodles or choke on your spaghetti.

La Ilorona – The Weeping Woman

Klaire’s my favorite go-to for mesmerizingly creepy makeup that’s subtle yet effective. She’s got magic hands and she kills it with her interpretation of La Llorona or The Weeping Woman who wails for her lost children while looking for them near a lake somewhere and her cries are still heard today, according to legit commentators on YouTube.

Harvey Dent’s Two-Face

This one’s for those who love the two-face type of theatrical makeup where one side of the face is all skinless because someone sling an explosive near you and you get to see the gooey and gross bits we all have inside sticking out nicely. I thought of cheesy pizza while watching this especially when she popped on the textured latex on top of his head.

The Exorcist

This video isn’t for the easily-spooked. Fans of horror will totes enjoy this because the start is like a trailer to a film I so want to watch. Watch this and be prepared to stay awake for the rest of the night and maybe the following three nights as well.

The Vampire

The vampy look that’s more seductive than creepy and the best thing is, normal peeps could try this at home as ultimately, it’s all in the eye and contour game.

Gothic Lolita Doll

If soulless porcelain dolls are the stuff of your nightmare and for some reason, you want to turn yourself into one this Halloween to scare children and your annoying neighbor, you must watch this. Kawaii and creepy together in a package – what’s there not to like?

Lady With Missing Eyeballs

This one takes the creepy game up to the next level and here I thought that you defo can’t function like a normal human being right after you block off your eyeballs but hey, a thin sheer black fabric is the magic ingredient. Want your skin to delightfully crawl? Watch this preferably late in the wee hours of the night and no one is at home, not even your cats.

Scary Demon

I love watching how pretty can quickly escalate into scary and this one will prevent your froma having the capacity to talk like the average human being because well, your mouth will be sealed shut from layers of nasty infection.

Well, ladies and gents: Will you go hardcore and whip out your latex and glue to go all-out wicked this Allhalloween? What dodgy character will you transform into once the sun go down? I want to know – so spook me down below!

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”Francis Bacon

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