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Fashionista NOW: 10 #OOTD Poses For Men Who Don’t Want To Squinch For The Camera

Credit | Ryo Iwamatsu

Guys: When you hate staring straight into the camera but want to do outfit posts, here’s a little casual posing guide for you and the cute men in your life.

This post is dedicated to men (and gals) who want to have their #ootd (outfit of the day) up on the internet for the purpose of style and fashion sharing but find it awkward to pose while giving the camera a good eyeballin’. You guys aren’t alone and so are the ladies that much prefer to let the clothes do the talking or prefer the look when they’re not aiming their face straight for the camera.

| Chainloop Lin

Inspired by a reader Steve who had wrote to us asking for a little help on tips for posing for the camera as he confessed that staring straight into the camera with a forced smile is just isn’t something he enjoys doing, I look to Lookbook for some inspo that will hopefully be of help.

| Jimi Rantala

Though the context is unclear as I’m uncertain if Steve’s a model or not but the thought brewed with me as I face the same dilemma in real life (well, where else could it be?) when having my photos taken when all I want is for my designated photographer to zone in on my outfit, maybe take a visually-lengthening snapshot of me at the right perfect angle but then he or she proceeds to kill the whole mood by demanding that I look and smile at the camera. Which I’ll do while hiding a scowl.

| Marc Bueno

| Mattthw D.

Even though I’m a very attractive female and should want to give the camera a proper seductive eye squinch, I really don’t think it’s obligatory when the purpose is to show what I am wearing for the day. Plus, I might not be in the mood for a face shot. Nobody wants to see my smile especially on Instagram when people actually double-tap photos of shadows on the wall and my yawning cat more than my smiley face and that’s okay. I’m no Ed Sheeran, I get it.

| Miguel Valero

| Patrick S.

So, let me just give you guys and gals a nudge here: Just go for if you like having your outfit photos taken without actually having to seduce the camera like it’s Johnny Depp. You can squinch at the tree by the side of the road or your cat and still, a great shot could come out of it. This helps to reduce stress as you bother less about how your face is translating across the screen as we all have that issue with wanting to look a certain way but always, the camera takes the stupidest angles of our faces when we’re not in control.

| Yuto Omae

| Ira Giorgetti

Unless you’re a working model whose job is to model according to the brief, then the poses here should work well for those who are starting out, warming your toes as a casual style blogger. This is for everyday people who want to play the game of outfit-sharing on the netz, yo.

We’re all cute in the selfie angle we like but pass the camera to someone other than yourself – your confidence shatters for a moment, if you’re having a bad face day like I have sometimes. Exaggerations maybe, but this does happen to me, because I’m only human and I have moments when I don’t really like seeing my face in pictures, grinning maniacally at the camera.

| Khanh Nguyen

Anyway, I hope the poses here help the you guys who want to pose without having to bother with facial posturing and things. I’ll do another for you gals next time if you like, but feel free to share your thoughts down below. I appreciate every little comment.

So what do you think of the 10 poses above? I personally think they have all nailed the I’m-here-to-show-you-my-outfit-without-looking-like-I-want-to-hypnotize-you-with-my-face #OOTD shots! If you like any of the cuties, hype their looks on Lookbook and stalk them on their social media like normal people do.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional model or photographer but have been eyeballing outfit posts for ages as evident by the existence of this space.

Fun fact about me: I’m a fan of poses with the subject not really looking straight at the camera. This could be an extension of my shyness because looking straight into someone’s eyes feel a little bit like I’m looking into their soul? I’m pretty dramatic, I know. Heh.

“Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?”Fanny Brice

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