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Fashionista NOW: The High Neck Style And Necklines’ Controversy

The High Neck Style And Necklines' Controversy

High necklines are everything this year, well, except for when you’re at the MTV EMA’s because plunging necklines reigned so hard there. Mere mortals, head this way!

With the free the boobage movement high on some feminist agenda, I should want to step out with a much lower-than-usual neckline but alas, I call the whole thing ridiculous because: How does it solve gender inequality issues, again?

If I stick out my butt out of my pants and suddenly, all is hunky-dory in the world, I’d do it in a heartbeat but the reality is campaigns such as this end up trivializing the very issue of women’s empowerment and gender equality.

So, how does this tie in with necklines? We all know that the women’s bodies are the subject most focused on by both genders and in conservative societies, it’s always the mentality that the woman must mind how she guards her jewels and that men in general are left to their own devices because well, their jewels aren’t all that? Ha-ha. When I was in high school like ages ago, there was a rule where your skirt ought to end below the knee for those wearing pinafore and the neckline of the blouse must be kept buttoned or pinned ‘properly’.

This was a long time ago, but I can’t help but to share it with you an experience I had: I was the nerdy kid, very quiet, a rule-abiding student who made sure to pin up my neckline ‘properly’ and get As whenever I could except for physics because I hated the subject. The school uniform was a baju kurung so the neckline had a slit that either got buttoned up or if the button was missing, a pin would do. A new girl who wanted to befriend me for some reason found it her objective of the day to make me her definition of cool by lowering the neckline of my blouse and yes, I was a lot of awkward because I let a strange girl adjust my own pin and actually wore it that way for the rest of the school day feeling like someone was going to punish me for breaking the law but nobody cared!

By the next day, I wore my pin like I normally did and the girl moved on. Looking back I realized that it was her way to break from the uniformity of the school clothing and by lowering my neckline she was in her own way attempting to make friends but that didn’t work especially my friends were my books and I already had a cool clique! Okay, they were all cool except for me because I wore gaudy holiday pants.

As much as I love high necklines, I think that plunging necklines have their space as well, but of course, not in school, duh. For this piece, I’m appeasing the love I have for the easy-breezy silhouettes in blouses that I find appealing when the neckline style is high but not that high it turns into a polo neck because: the weather here forbids it! In dresses, high necklines bring a touch of simple sophistication that is marvelously elongating and one simply does not doubt the effect.

I mean, just take a look at them:


What about high necked blouses and dresses that make you go gaga? Like what you see? Tell me which one you’d so wear down below – I want to know!

Fun fact about me: I’m a fan of nutty almond coffee roll cake. I could eat ’em all day but nobody would hotline bling me (not that I’m up for such antics) and I’d die early, my cats would feast on me, so I have no choice but to practice moderation. Oh, I think Drake’s dance moves for the song was so adorkable!

“Grab this day by the neck and kiss it.”Bill Murray

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