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Fashionista NOW: Hair Tattoos, EMAs Fashion And How To Wear Skinny Scarfs?

Credit | Alexandra Dieck

You know what makes a cool outfit topper when you feel like what you’re wearing is lacking in something but you don’t know what? Two words: Skinny scarf.

Before we dive into the looks, let me update you on what I think of the TWO newly-surfaced trends and why I thought the MTV EMAs fashion was blah.

Hair Tatts – Are We Mad?

At first glance, the hair tattoo trend is all kinds of stupid to me but that’s because I like to tousle up my hair for that my-hair-is-alive-and-won’t-cooperate look but well, Miss Jenner proves to the world that she makes certain trends stick out like her plump style lips and on second glance, I still dislike sticking tattoo on top of my hair as it makes me go: what the flying pizza??!

The Postman Style Discrimination

On another hand and quite possibly a leg, I just read from the old Guardian that the Jeremy Corbyn’s retired postman look is one to aim for when you’re ruffling feathers at a political conference. I’ve no idea who this Corbyn is up until now but he’s the Labour dude that’s making some people’s eyeballs pop and rotate but that’s not the point because I stopped at the ‘retired postman’ look and found it insulting for how do we even know what every other postman wear on their day off (or as retirees!) when magazines and online blogs only ever go nuts with the so-called off-duty looks worn by models!

Just for once, I wish we’d have the courtesy to extend the spotlight onto the rest of the industrious members in our society by doing pieces like: “How to nail the cranky librarian off-duty look?” and “What the hottest fisherman has to say about style when stuck on a boat in the middle of a monsoon?”

Fashion At The EMA’s Put Me To Sleep

So, did anyone catch the EMA’s and drool over Ed Sheeran? I hope you all did because I sadly, didn’t! I did however catch up on the fashion aspect of it because you know, celebs in dresses no average mortal could ever afford or would want to set a certain mood within the fashion and style sphere but I’m happy to report that the majority of it sparked no lasting interest.

Goulding’ mustard hair was a no as is her dress. Pharell in dungarees was weirdly cute. Ashley Benson who I love on PLL wore dangly teardrop earring that caught my eye but that was all. Biebs in red was meh and the eye-squinch he aimed for the cam was just nope! Sorry, beliebers! I however, adore what Tori Kelly wore and her waves were just stunning!

Bye Skinny Jeans, Hello Skinny Scarfs!

Getting back on the subject of scarfs that are skinny and so aren’t exactly worn for insulating your neck from the chill; they appear to be quite a nice little neck adornment as you will see in a bit. After running my research the way everyone — from a 5-year-old to their grandma — does it, it appears that this skinny scarf trend could be one of the freshest ones out there and it harkens back to the early 2000s when Britney exploded into the pop music scene with Baby, One More Time.

So folks, if you’re where the cold isn’t deathly or even if it is, but you’d like to embrace the trend as an unexpected neck accessory, then, let’s see how you can make the skinny scarf work for you with the help of these looks below:

Well, what do you think of skinny scarfs when you do think about them? Do you own any? And if you do, how do you style it? Like any of the looks above? Be sure to leave a thoughtful comment down below – I am dying to read what you have to say!

Random fact about me: I am a believer of meditation and due to my easily-anxious personality, I allocate a time in a day to meditate. If you’re interested and would like to try it out, here’s what I listen to when I meditate.

“It is better to meditate a little bit with depth than to mediate long with the mind running here and there. If you do not make an effort to control the mind it will go on doing as it pleases, no matter how long you sit to meditate.”Paramahansa Yogananda

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