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Fashionista NOW: Why I Have A Thing For Pointed Toe Ankle Boots?

Credit | Nkenge Brown

Ankle boots of the pointed toe kind are a current favorite. Find out why the boot trend is stealing the spotlight.

I love oxfords with their rounded toe but lately, I’m noticing that I’m inclined to hover at the boot corner specifically eyeballing the ones with a pointed toe – in fact I have a pair of cut-out boots in the style, I wear on cooler rainy days as the coverage from the boots isn’t suited for the default Malaysian weather when much is spent out and about in the sun or at a street-style food stall where a lot of pigging out is happening.

As I look at the bootie trend worn by the style bloggers I’m following, it’s clear that I am intensely attracted to the pointy toe ankle boot variety and in the words of an Internet meme: I can’t even. I love this style of boots so much, I can’t even. I want them all and wish it rained more so the temps go drastically down just so I can stick my square feet into the delightful boots!

Alas, the weather’s here been pretty lovely that boots aren’t a requirement at all. How I wish there is an existence of a tropical summer pointy boots made of breathable fabric of some sort so I can wear them anytime I want to without worrying that my feet is drowning in their sweet juices.

So what about the pointed toe in particular that appeals, you wonder?

When people talk of silhouette, a major part of it is focused on the clothing; how boxy the blouse is or that the waist is accentuated even more when one is clad is a skater skirt thanks to the flared out shape of the skirt. Our eyes are trained to zone in on the outfit area while the footwear gets into focus a minute later. The ankle boots with a narrow toe impacts the silhouette too by adding a sophisticated punch that is immediately noticeable whether or not they are in a low chunky heel, flat or in a tall and thin heel that can double as a weapon in time of need.

To see what I mean, just zoom in on how the pointed toe boots visually smarten up quite a diverse style of outfits down below.

Do you see it? These boots are sorcery! Every single time I wear mine, I feel much so more sleeker than when I’m wearing other rounded toe kind of shoe, like for real! What about you? Do you like this style of boots? Share your thoughts below – I’d so love to know!

Random fact about me: I’m a proud picky-eater – This habit is developed after finding out that I’m prone to bloating. My mindset is simple: Keep the gut happy with a selective well-balanced diet and you’ll feel many times better! As much as I love to stuff my face with food, being a bit conscious whilst stuffing the face has really turned my life around.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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