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Fashionista NOW: Got My Eyes On Eyeballs Halloween Jewelry Inspiration

Next up on our bling for Halloween series are eyeballs!

Eyeballs – I love mentioning them when I write (something about the way the word rolls off my tongue or how “balls” just puts me in a good mood, perhaps both, and that eyeballing things on the Net is my favorite hobby) and they are also great for Halloween! I mean, the faux ones, of course!

Even though I’m a proud fan of GOOD horror TV shows or films consuming the thrilling suspense at a safe distance, I’m pretty much a complete wuss when it comes down to reality and the gooey part of the human being is something I don’t ever want to deal with.

Case in point: I once fainted at the mere sight of my own blood – it was only a tiny bit as I had my blood drawn out for some test. For someone who has claimed to have a liking for vampires (okay, so I was obsessed with them and their lifestyle), I’ll take imitation blood any time over the real one and pour it over a canvas.

In the jewelry-crafting industry, eyeballs prove to be a lasting favorite, for many reasons and one major one having to do with the superstition in their symbolic ability to ward off ill-intentions but throughout time, eyes culturally have that strong hold on us, kind of like when a strange man eyeballs you and you give him the stink eye. But with jewelry and even clothing with eyes as ornaments, the affair is quite a lovely one. The recent interest in the evil eye jewelry trend that’s been cropping up in the bling scene all year long is one example.

For Halloween, the time is ripe for decorating yourself with all types of creepy symbols and eyeballs are unsurprisingly fitting!

Feast your eyes upon the delightful eyeballicious jewelry you can so wear for Halloween (or anytime) below! Enjoy!


Fun fact about me: When I was a child, I was told that the habit of lying could trigger a growth of an extra eye on any part of the body where they are naturally lacking. I lost sleep and had nightmares thinking about random eyeballs popping up all over my body, but luckily puberty came and brought with it other types of suffering to help me outgrow my irrational childhood belief.

So folks: Do you wear eye-themed jewelry? What about eyes that make you want to wear them? I love reading your thoughts so pour them away down below!

“Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge.”Khalil Gibran

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