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Fashionista NOW: How To Do Black And Orange To Ooze Spooktober Chic?

Not psyched about embracing the all-round creepiness that is Halloween but want to wear something that speaks to the mood of October? Wear black and orange together! Easy as gobbling a piece of creamy and fluffy cheese cake!

Well, as long as you’re equipped with the right pieces that can be styled together but we all know that seeing how it’s done makes a world of a difference.

So, let’s jump in ahead and eyeball the black and orange outfit ideas below, shall we?

| Romina Ch.

Romina’s black and orange getup is so far from spooky that it veers into the supremely classy. For a bit of a Halloween tease, you can pop on a witch hat to get the classic witch vibe going on; or leave it as it is. Check out how she layers an sparky orange sweater underneath a vest style top and team them with flared pants for that 70s swingy touch. Another burst of orange comes in the form of that petite sling bag!

| Pxkin

That tall buckle boots scream danger, danger (especially if you’re like me with zero skills in walking in them that I might as well be that awkward waddling zombie in The Walking Dead) and you can totally feel a witchy modern aura going on a la American Horror Story’s Coven, thanks to that wide black rim hat. The orange pleated skort with its charming flare completes and complements the fabulous shoulder cut-out blouse.

| Choice by Anna

This outfit by Anna makes me drool because check out the silhouette game! I am so smitten by that long line lightweight cardi and how the flowiness jumps out of her ensemble. That orange romper is heaven-sent because I love that high-neck and her minimalist choice of jewelry makes me swoon even more. Check out those talon-like nails, though? Now that you can exaggerate even more for Halloween!

| Lara Popa

For something a little quirky with a bit of color-block style thrown in, Lara’s jumpsuit is the thing you need. I love that the pants have a combo of the slouchy harem and skin-hugging leggings. The top part has a high mandarin collar type of design. A statement jumpsuit, for sure!

| Nicole Kim

Look how Nicole creatively marries her orange maxi dress with her leather skirt. For a bit of shine, she wears a gorgeous geometric body jewelry. It’s quite a phenomenal combination that will have your black and orange look transformed – I love it!

| Louise Xin

Louise amps up her black and orange getup with a play on texture, combining a woolen orang coat, mesh top, relaxed leather pants and a sleek croc-textured bag. Just when you think that wearing a brilliant pumpkin orange is terribly hard; this look throws you out of that rusty style box.

| Teresa Quiroga

Teresa makes sure her elegance is expressed by letting her orange leather pencil skirt shine through by keeping the rest muted in black. Nothing beats the rule of keeping it simple, one brightly colored piece at a time, right?

| Ania K.

This black and orange (and bits of white) is as simple as it can be. The only thing that’s a bit different in the theme is the sporty touches that are evident in the choice of footwear and dress (or top). Ania plays up the orange by staining her pout and nails in the color.

| Fo’s DressingRoom

This brilliant orange and black number speaks to me on many levels because I love the peek of skulls (from her blouse, layered under the orange sweater), studs from her bracelet and leopard prints, from those slip-on shoes! Fo, your outfit had me at hello!

Random fact about me: American Horror Story is my guilty pleasure. Their first episode of the latest season, Hotel, has made me go intensely gaga! I really did not expect Gaga to be a restrained yet arresting badass. You need to go see it if you’re fan of horror. I was rendered incapable of munching my nutty coffee rolls because it was that disturbing!

“But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.”Evan Peters

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