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Fashionista NOW: Minimalist Halloween Jewelry Inspiration

Are you looking for Halloween jewelry ideas that are also great for everyday wear? This post highlights 7 pretty bling finds minimalist enough for every other day of the year.

If you’ve seen the witty card from Brainless Tales designed to poke fun at those fanatic Halloweeners who are likely at the moment all caught up over the details of their eyeball-filled cake recipe, admit that no one sane enough ever appreciates those webs that spiders spun from scratch though some people like to create the fake ones themselves, we all acknowledge that everyone including their cats are intensely scared of the real thing…).

True creepy story: I remember having battled with one elusive spider who had diligently spun its web near a corner of the bathroom (daily, mind you, for a period of a few days) It kept spinning a new web one after the other (as I wasn’t happy about sharing the bathroom with the 8-legged one) and I felt like I was going to die every time I threw water on the creepy web. Yuck!

I actually just cannot deal even with seeing them on my computer screen! Writing about them is seriously giving me the creeps. And thus, this post is borne out of my need to sweep the really creepy-crawlie part of Halloween under the fat smiley-face printed rug and show you the wearable side of Halloween jewelry that anyone can wear unless you’re deathly afraid of bats, devils, bones and pumpkins.

Come on, bats are not that bad! I mean, at least, they’re not really present in my side of the world for me to experience them up-close but they are there somewhere, PLUS have you not watched Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2??  The bats there are unbelievably adorable! I’ve yet to watch any film with kawaii-looking spiders but the thought isn’t easing the jumpy feeling I’m experiencing just typing this sentence.

Without further ado, let’s wash our eyeballs with these mighty chic-looking fit-for-Halloween-and-everyday gems:


Random fact about me: I find Effy Stonem, the character from Skins so hauntingly beautiful.

So ladies + gents, what kind of antics will you be up to this Halloween? Do you enjoy the jewelry inspo list above? Tell me what other Halloweeny things you’d like to see down below as long as they’re not insects or have 8 legs.

“Even beauty, in abundance, turns creepy.”Karen Thompson Walker

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