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Fashionista NOW: The Pinkoholic In Support Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Pinkoholic In Support Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For pinkoholics, October calls for a much more meaningful excuse to be clad in pink especially when you’re rigorously educating yourself and those closest to you about breast cancer.

Just earlier on today, I gave a short two-point lecture to my mom who was the only loyal audience and while she did not say this herself — I felt that she was truly impressed by my succinct and insightful talk of how breast cancer doesn’t just affect people with a family history although the risk is increased but for at least the majority of the cases, women with no family history are diagnosed with breast cancer. So, you can’t just excuse yourself from going through the mammograms and other breast-related exams when you reach 40 because no one in your immediate family has it. No sister, you just can’t!

Another point to consider is that a moderate intake of soy foods (11 grams/day or a cup of soymilk) is said to lower the risk but higher consumption did not lower the risk further. I love tempeh and soy beans and can eat them forever, just like my love for chickpeas and dhal – they are just so yum, enough said! After moms released a sigh or relief (or exasperation, it was unclear) a sign showing that my educative lecture has turned into a yawn-inducing monologue of which I was the only one excited, we started to hunt for food without speaking and coffee sweetened the deal.

Anyway, if you’re in Malaysia, you might have heard the commotion with the video created by TheGRIMFILM which was already deleted by now as it’s been said to be annoyingly insensitive which I’m in agreement with. Though they do usually make funny sketches, I really thought the content for a video to bring about awareness on breast cancer was a tad immature in nature (okay, a lot, as I was repulsed, I said it). Well, there is a time for mindless in-your-face stereotypical brand of humor but when coupled with a campaign imploring the audience — who have giant holes already in their pockets due to GST and some other hole-expanding-wallet-shrinking move the darling government of Malaysia is up to at the moment — to donate for a cause that is a pretty serious one; it just really didn’t sit well with most people.

In collaboration with GrabCar and Pestle & Mortar, ZALORA is selling the much-talked about unisex tee with the tagline “Love Boobs, So Does Cancer” whereby proceeds from the sales will go to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). If you’d like to show your support for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and contribute monetarily while at the same time get a cute tee to pose for a selfie on your Instagram (like most sane people do nowadays), then be sure to go through the end of this post!

For other pink things to tickle your fancy and such, ogle away below:


ZALORA | long sleeve basic pink dress


ZALORA | magenta pink structured top


ZALORA | pink woven tank top


ZALORA | pink shift dress with pockets



ZALORA | iridescent pink lace up oxfords
Carlo Rino | pink ankle strap flat sandals
Celsius | pink laced slip on shoes

Donate RM30.00 to Breast Cancer Welfare Association and get the tee below:


Get the #GrabitBeatit tee here!

So once your tee has arrived, there will be this cool competition that will excite hardcore selfie-takers amongst us – just take a snap of yourself in the tee (you will receive a bunch of CUTE & KAWAII merch together with your purchase of the tee) and post it up on your social media to win something that’s super awesome I’m not sure what that is yet. All instructions and stuff will be in your package. Sounds fun? I think it is!

On a serious note: Learn about breast self-examination here:

To contribute in other ways, you can contact BCWA directly at:

Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia
5th Floor, Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah,
16, Jalan Utara, 46200 Petaling Jaya. Malaysia.
Tel : 603-79540133

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