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Fashionista NOW: Grey And Black And Body Image Struggles

Credit | Lila Janowska

Grey and black outfit ideas and the story of my body image struggles.

There is nothing to loathe about grey and here I am with another grey-tastic post. Since my previous post about women and their right to wear as they please (without men and other women butting in) got a positive feedback from the ladies and lads, I’m feeling like I should get down to the rawness of certain underlying issues affecting us all in the quest of achieving the perfect wardrobe/just being a human.

I know that dressing isn’t a major part of everyone’s lives – we do it so subconsciously most of the time but we all have similar challenges having to do with body-image that strongly impacts our self-esteem.

Back in my teens, I used to think that my nose was too big in comparison with other people’s little dainty noses and that I didn’t know how to curve my mouth into a perfect smile naturally like how others did so much so I had resort to practicing it.

The whole thing with seeing myself in a mirror while in public still sometimes spook me – not because I see a ghost or anything supernatural like that, but that I sometimes experience a deep disconnect, between how I feel and how I look.

It was worse back when I was in my teens to early twenties as seeing my own reflection could literally stain the whole day black. These days, I’m more forgiving of myself, even when I think I look like crap because in the back of my head, a line that I keep repeating is: Well, I don’t have to like the way I look every single second of my life – it’s okay to feel meh and stop looking in the mirror and proceed to do other life-affirming things. My body is fine the way it is.

Part of the horror of my earlier body-image troubles only became clear with time as I actually was depressed but hiding it so well, like a cat would do by instinct. With the depression out in the open, I started to see what is as it is and even if there is the tendency to get freaked out by the my own face every now and then, I know then it’s a cue to check in back with my state of mind instead of tweaking away at the superficial.

The thing is, I have days when my confidence is so bloated, I feel like I’m the next best thing but of course, there will be low days and after noting a wave-like pattern to my moods and how it colors perception, I’m beginning to sieve through my own distortions, seeing them through as they come.

So, my advice to those having a struggle with your own body image is to get reacquainted with your mental state. Sometimes, you’re so good at playing perfect that you tend to forget that your mind actually sees through the castle of cards you’re building. If you’re bothered about something, anything – get it out there – don’t bury it under the sand. You’ll be sleeping with demons if you do and if you’re like me, it might manifest in a way that distorts how you see yourself.

On to the grey and black outfit ideas:

Well, I still do have days when my enlarged facial pores trigger feelings of inadequacy but I learn to install a whatever-attitude towards my overthinking tendency and start loving myself – it is a ongoing process.

So, tell me: Do you like the grey and black color combo going on in the looks above? I’m pretty much obsessed! Are you someone who’s experienced body image issues like I did/do? If so, I would love to hear your story – drop them below so we can all share and learn :)

“Ugly. Is irrelevant. It is an immeasurable insult to a woman, and then supposedly the worst crime you can commit as a woman. But ugly, as beautiful, is an illusion.”Margaret Cho

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