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Sultry Modern Kebaya Style Tops With A Crop Style Hemline

Short Kebaya Blouse Style Inspo 2019

Short kebaya tops are utterly versatile and they carry a sweet dose of ethnic femininity that is simply hard to resist.

Are you on a hunt for kebaya tops with specifically short hemlines? You’re not alone! I love a good crop kebaya
top and am about to share with you a list of 4 short kebaya tops you can wear with anything and everything!

Why short kebaya tops?

If you’ve been to Malaysia, you’d know the weather can be quite humid. Less fabric going over another fabric is key in how I choose to dress on the daily or for special occasions. Another thing: Short tops allow for the smallest curve of your waist to get emphasized when you wear a skirt, long or short or pants, long or short. Think of when you’re wearing a crop top and your high-waisted jeans – you get the idea. The visual point is your waist and if you’re particularly proud of your toned middle, wearing a short kebaya top is a no-brainer!


Crop Kebaya Style Tops ( Nala Designs )

Sultry Crop Kebaya Style Tops

Inspired by the olden days of Kopitiam, these kebaya tops are handmade with love, adorned with intricate latticework and dainty blooms in soothing colors. Instead of sticking to the length of the classic kebaya top, these are strikingly shorter in a crop-style cut to appeal to the fashion-forward bracket. If you’ve been looking for a short traditional top that leans on the side of mod chic, look nowhere else! I love this style in particular as you can wear it with all kinds of bottoms. And since it’s short, it allows for more of the skirt to show from the smallest of your waist and can be elongating to the figure. I like these short kebaya blouses a lot!


Frilly Sashed Kebaya Tops ( Cangkuk )

Frilly Sashed Kebaya Style Tops

This is the kebaya top style for those into minimalist design tweaks that err on the feminine side. With soft ruffles, gathers and a waist sash to complete the modern kebaya tops awashed in the barely-there pastel hues, they are the epitome of urban versatility. You can wear them with your existing collection of skirts and sarongs or simply, with jeans, culottes or shorts! Because these tops are in the plainest of colors, you can go print-crazy down below too!


Classic Short Kebaya Tops ( Maslea )

Classic Short Kebaya Tops

Nostalgic florals adorn these kebaya tops triggers memories of living with my late grandma in the countryside. Earthy palettes ensure a look that is utterly low-key in every way. If you’re all about dressing up in quiet tones this Eid, this collection is definitely worth checking out. I love the elegance in its design’s simplicity and of course, the short hem on these kebaya tops. Check out Maslea for more fashionable crop tops or baju pendek/singkat. The entire collection is a real masterpiece.


Lace Kebaya Tops ( Batika by Hudaa )

Lace Kebaya Blouse Ideas

For lace-lovers, nothing beats the appeal of a form-flattering lace kebaya tops. Batika by Hudaa boasts a heart-melting collection dedicated to the fashionista who can’t go a day without wearing lace! The intricate kebaya tops are in a crop-style that we love so much and make for such great partners to batik sarongs. On casual days, you can wear them easily with your favorite denims, pants or skirts!

Which modern kebaya top style is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know. Know any other short kebaya tops that deserve a showcase here? Feel free to drop us a line or comment! We’d love to hear from you.

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