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Fashionista NOW: Fashionable Ways To Wear Ruffles And Frills In 2016

Credit | Sarah

Dare to ruffle your fashion feathers and take the flouncy route? The fashion authority has called it: Romantic ruffles and frills are IT this year.

It’s a streamlined version of the Victorian ruffles that is far from constrictive and definitely more fun, unexpected and modern.

According to Fashionista, the ruffles you’ll be seeing this season are elegant and uber wearable. Ruffles as an accent detail is anticipated to blow up come Spring 2016, and the fashion folks are loving the casual design approach fashion creators are taking. Think: less heavily-layered frills, more wild and whimsically-layered instead, in various fabric including leather.

I love how the presence of ruffles in strategic locations of a blouse, skirt or dress — whether on the sleeve, waist and hemlines — can give it that oomph and poof factor that we sometimes desire. The voluminous effect of an aesthetically-made-and-placed ruffles can lend or exaggerate a curve, making the wearer feel like the architectural work of art that she is.

Fashion trends don’t arise from the vacuum so you’ll most probably have seen your favorite style bloggers rocking ruffles from a year ago that made you wonder if you could very well take the ruffly route too.

To convince you that a reconsideration is in order, let us eyeball how these fashion-savvy ladies employ sweet ruffles in their outfits and get a quick dose of fashion inspo now, shall we?

Wearable Ruffle Styling You Can Wear Yourself Too

Ruffle Blouse

| Olga Choi

Ruffle Waist Top

| Cissy Zhang

Ruffle Skirt

| Tienlyn

Red Gingham Ruffle Sleeve Top

| Elizabeth Keene

Ruffle Crop Top

| Paz Halabi

Ruffle Peplum Skirt

| Maria Vizuete

Do you like that ruffles are getting a makeover this year? Are you planning to accent your looks with frills and flounces soon? Which of the looks do you like best? Spill all down below – I so want to know!

As a breeze ruffles the surface of a lake and distorts the images reflected therein, so also the chitta vrtti (fluctuations of mind) disturb the peace of the mind. The still waters of a lake reflect the beauty around it. When the mind is still, the beauty of the Self is seen reflected in it.B.K.S. Iyengar

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