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Fashionista NOW: A List For The Minimalist Who Is Mad About White Lace

A List For The Minimalist Who Is Mad About White Lace

Because clearly, anything in white lace is a must-have staple for the minimalist fashionista and that is a fact.

2015 was the year I finally dipped my toes into the white non-color trend and I’m still marveling over its minimalistic beauty.

Whether in crisp white or off-white shade that leans into cream and entering the beige department, I love them all. This is surprising to me as for most of my twenties, I’d be clad in black, brown or blue, preferring the comfort of the deeper shades of any neutral color.

I stayed away from white partly to psychologically disconnect from the imposed school-uniform that was mostly white. Plus, my budding dark side could not tolerate the seemingly angelic appeal of white.

Now, that I’ve grown out of that phase and have aged quite so, I finally see the quality in white that was absent from my perception before. I find that it opens up a space, a brilliant choice of color for a modern home decor and to say that I am kind of obsessed is a bit of an understatement. Anything that’s white-themed, I’m just smitten. And I’m certainly not alone in this as white continues to dominate, reinterpreting how we view and utilize space.

Naturally, I will highlight a few basic white staple must-haves, but with a bit of an interest in the form of feminine lace.

The list acts as a mood board for me and hopefully offers you a quick inspo if you plan to load up of the most neutral of neutrals this season.



Fresh White Lace Finds For A Minimalist Fashion State Of Mind

Half Sleeve Lace Top


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Jacquard Lace Peplum Top


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Lace Fit + Flare Dress


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Lace Paneled Dress


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Lacy Palazzo Pants


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Pleated Lace Midi Skirt


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White Lace Kimono


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Hope you’ve enjoyed these minimal white finds! Which do you see yourself wearing? Share below – I would really love to know!

Why black and white? Because color can be too demanding.Diane Keaton

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