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Fashionista NOW: 12 Personal Favorite Fashion Trends Recap For 2015

Credit | Gillian Shieh

A recap of what my personal favorite fashions trends were last year that made up my 2015 style preference.

Can’t believe that 2015 is now a dent in history. To give the year a wave goodbye, I’ve rounded up 12 of my own personal fashion trend favorites that were (and still are) the building blocks of my 2015 wardrobe.

The 12 Fashion Trends My 2015 Wardrobe Was — is still — Happily Made Up Of

1. Culottes

| Camille Nichelini

I never thought to call culottes a go-to prior to 2015 and years before had turn down the chance of wearing one of my mom’s old culottes because I thought they were just weird. Now, not so anymore.

2. Grey

| Amanda Olivia L.

After years of wearing a lot of dark colors, especially black. The year 2015 is when I decided that they’re too drab. I am now all about lighter colors and grey, in particular has given me all sorts of fashion feels.

3. Harem pants

| Lyndsay Picardal

Skinny tight jeans are no longer a rave for me. Harem style pants: YES! I’m not talking about the extremely uber drop crotch ones. My love for harem pants (with normal crotch drop) has taken over as I just love the overall comfy factor and how they then cinch at the ankle.

4. Jogger pants

| Diana B.

Just like harem pants, I find joggers ridiculously comfy and can be styled chic by tweaking the rest of your outfit jigsaw puzzle pieces.

5. Midi skirts

| Aurelia Olivia

The length is my all-time favorite as I can’t do mini as I’m self-conscious of my knees though I don’t mind dressy shorts. Maxi ones trigger my OCD because I don’t like when the hem of the skirt grazes close to the ground.

6. Midi dresses

| Nailah Ali

Something about midi dresses inspires a style that oozes a classic elegance that I can’t do without.

7. Boxy style top

| Racheli Azulay

Though I can appreciate a body-fitting top, I confess that 2015 had been a year I naturally gravitated to loose and relaxed version of tops that left my tummy to be.

8. Comfy high-waist mom jeans

| Charnelle Gardiner

I used to think this particular jeans trend a real faux pas in my early twenties because low rise jeans were the thing then. 2015 revealed my doing away with the low-rise variety as having my butt cleavage sticking out became rather unappealing. Yay to high-waisted mom jeans!

9. Birkenstocks

| Josephine K.

There was no recorded history or memory of me having worn birkies before 2015. My favorite Birkenstock style is forever the Gizeh.

10. Oxfords + Brogues

| Norelle Weng

This has not changed for many years. I am all about comfy flats with a sensible heel. I cannot and refuse to walk in shoes that have even kitten heels. Big wobbly feet don’t care.

11. High neck

| Amsesh

I used to be kind of obsessed with only wearing V-necklines. 2015 saw a rising of necklines and a new appreciation for high and round, mandarin style stand collar and even boat style ones. Turtlenecks though is a no because it’s too humid here.

12. Beige

| Zuzanna Wlodarz

Soft barely-there beige, the color of sand, not yet kissed by the waves of the ocean appeared in my 2015 wardrobe where it used to be lacking because I just didn’t consider it ever at all. Beige and grey together can actually trump the black and white monochrome looks I do have love for.

Do you see the a trend or two that you particularly enjoy wearing yourself? What are your own 2015 personal style favorites? Do share – I would really love to know!

“The years go by. The time, it does fly. Every single second is a moment in time that passes. And it seems like nothing – but when you’re looking back … well, it amounts to everything.”Ray Bradbury

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