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Fashionista NOW: Red Coat Styling 101 For A Chic Outfit Result

Credit | Ian Chen

Scared your statement red coat would hijack your total look, make it appear O.T.T.? Not with this style guide, missy!

I’ve been raving about red coats just last month and the appeal of red when present in the form of outerwear is still going strong. Blame it on the Pretty Little Liars or the constant onslaught of cheerful red this Christmas, I just have to do another red coat entry to feature 7 lookbookers who look absolutely smokin’ in their sizzling hot outerwear because nothing beats the blast of eyeball-freezing cold — psychologically, at least — the way a comfy insulating coat in the color could.

So, if you’re psyched about wearing a red coat and would like a nudge in the direction that makes it a part of a modern iteration that makes use of neutral color schemes, ripped jeans, boyfriend-style or otherwise, worn casually chic with some type of a sleek flat shoe or the wearable heel, take a look no further than below.


Afraid A Red Coat Will Take Over Your Look The Wrong Way? Not When You Take The Style Cues From These Fashionistas:

4 Red Coat Options On A Budget

For my dear Malaysian fashionistas who are planning to vacay somewhere cold outside or on mountain tops inside the country who are looking for some ideas for a red coat, kindly eyeball the list below. They can be grabbed now because you know, hello…. all the #onlineshopping you can do now ZALORA?

On a side tangent; lately I’ve been noticing that shopping online with crazy variety has made me put off following up on actually purchasing the stuff I place on my virtual cart because I keep browsing at other choices upon choices, comparing items upon items basing off quality, price and overall appeal that I get overwhelmed and do no shopping at all in the end. Is it just me? This is so good on my skinny purse. Shopping self-sabotage due to too many options. Have you experienced this yourself before?

Do you like any of the red coat styling and options shown here? How do you usually style yours? Be sure to share your thoughts below – I love reading what you have to say!

“Forget mistakes. Forget failure. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it. Today is your lucky day.”Will Durant

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