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Fashionista NOW: Why Not Don A Purple Coat?

Coat: We’ve seen them all in grey, camel, black, navy, deep green and even burgundy. Red seems to be a favorite but what if you’ve been secretly desiring to wear your purple coat all this while but are somehow afraid you’d look dated? Worry not, here’s a post to show that purple coats are cool too.

It’s been a while since we shine the spotlight on the purple color trend. It’s 2016 and I feel that it needs a highlight, especially after seeing Michelle Obama slayed it in one gorgeous purple coat just hours ago. While the internet’s going mad over her bright marigold midi dress (are we done with calling it mustard, this year?), I zoom on her purple coat.

I swear I do not have a habit of following Obama’s dazzling wife to check on what she’s wearing though I did enjoy her dancing with Ellen immensely last year. It just so happens today of all days, the color purple just pops up (before I found out the first lady beat me to it) and I went on a search to see if anyone’s wearing it and in the form of coats, the color seems to shout out: hey, pick me, choose me, love me!

So, for those of you who are experiencing the cold weather blues and want to give your battle-the-frostbites look a pop that has nothing to do with donning a hot red coat that some people just ease into while you get anxiety when you stand out, why not embrace the humble purple, instead?

In the shade you’re most comfortable with, of course. And if you do have a stray purple coat decaying in the back of your (or your mom’s or grandmom’s) closet somewhere because you feel like they’re not quite unfashionable now; stop and rethink, especially after you give the looks down below a long hard ogle.



How Street Style Fashionistas Make A Purple Coat Pop?

? | Krystyna Zimnicka

Anchor your purple coat with neutral colors. Black especially looks amazing with purple.

? | Lily T.

You can got a tad matchy-matchy with a blouse in purple palm leaf prints. Sprinkle beige and white while you’re at it.

? | Sonya Karamazova

Another color that’s great with purple is the much loved grey.

? | Olya Suvorova

Employ a color-blocking technique with deep blue, that’s ground with black.

? | Rose L.

Accent your neutral outfit with purple not just with a choice of outerwear. Go a little further with purple pumps.

? | Julianna Ivicic

Purple, black and peeks of white.

? | Teresa Leite

Didn’t I tell you that purple and black work together like a charm?


Which of the looks do you like best? Do share below and discuss whether you’d give a purple coat a go, drag your old one for a spin and break the fashion box?

Colors are the smiles of nature.Leigh Hunt

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