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Fashionista NOW: A Pop Of Red Color Statement Bag Fashion Inspiration

If red bags of any style put your mind in a blank as you struggle to see how such a strong colored bag can be eased into your usual wardrobe, then this piece is for you.

As the seasons change, so do our moods for colors and patterns. Some people opt for neutral and muted hues come the sunny phase, choosing to stay in contrast against the weather. Others prefer to shine along with the sun clad in brilliant explosions of color. Which one are you?

Red is a strong fiery color that needs no introduction especially when it comes to womenswear, hair and makeup. A red pout is a statement enough on a face made up of minimal makeup. A pair of red pants jolts a dark or neutral wardrobe awake. A red dress no matter the shape – leaves a quite an impression. Heeled pumps in red are the picture of bold elegance and sexy confidence.

A bag in red, though? Just as the rest, it is an instant statement-maker. A way to punctuate any neutral garb, without much fuss.

I’ve always thought red bags as particularly hard to style as I keep a wardrobe that is a mishmash of everything that to carry a red bag is to extend the time it takes to dress as another colored variable enters into the picture. Alas, with time and experience, I acknowledge that for a dresser with a muted wardrobe or a flamboyant fashionista with a penchant for every color there is, a red bag can be that color booster for the former and another complementary color to don, for the latter.

Dip your toes in red this season by carrying a red bag of any style you prefer and give your relatively neutral outfit a punch of red color with the help of the fashionistas below:

Outfit Styles With Eye-Popping Red Bags To Wear:

| Viktoria Temnova

| Romina Ch

| Raquel Cañas

| Allison K.

| Souzana Baradie

| Sarah

Do you own red bags? How do you usually style them? I’d love to know!

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