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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Pandemic-Conscious Fashion: How Lookbookers Wear Masks From 2020 Till Now

Pandemic-Conscious Fashion: How Lookbookers Wear Masks From 2020 Till Now

Pandemic-Conscious Fashion: How Lookbookers Wear Masks From 2020 Till Now

Snow Christal from Spain wearing a gingham midi dress with her mask.

This is a lookbook post to show how global fashion bloggers wear and style their masks with their choice of everyday outfit.

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Mask and style up: How to wear a clothing in a pandemic-conscious world that makes masking up the norm.

Let’s draw a really quick mask fashion inspo from looks worn by various fashion bloggers from across the globe now, shall we?

Check them all out below and enjoy! 

Outfit with mask fashion inspo: The way lookbookers wear them...

Mask + Ruffle Blazer, Ditsy Dotted Dress, Boots

Cindy from Taiwan wears her dotted midi dress with a statement ruffled blazer and boots and slayed her masked look with effortless style.

Mask + Oversized Sweater, High Waisted Jeans, Sneakers

Doina M. from Switzerland wears her masked look of casual edginess in an outfit made of retro sunnies, oversized sweater, high-waisted jeans and sneakers.

Mask + Lavender Wrap Sweater, Button Statement Jeans, Sneakers

Taylor Doucette from Canada wears a linen mask in a pretty chic getup consisting of a cozy knit wrap sweater, button detailed jeans and a pair of low top sneakers.

Mask + White High Neck Top, Long Skirt, Ankle Boots

Flosmoony from Hong Kong nails her masked look the breezy feminine route in a white top paired with a long skirt, ankle boots and tops it off with a casual bucket hat.

Mask + Denim Jean Jacket, Blue Jeans, Combat Boots

Hyun玹 Rotstein from Taiwan opts for the 90s grunge double denim look that’s the ultimate failproof dressing formula as she masked up for the day. Combat boots and a backpack hung on one shoulder, she is slaying it!

Mask + Graphic Tee, Blue Jeans, Ankle Heel Boots

Jane E. from Qatar goes for the edgy casual twist by wearing her graphic tee tucked into her button-detailed jeans. She finishes off her embellished masked look with a pair of square heel ankle boots.

Mask + SloganTee, Blue Jeans, High Top Sneakers

Mi Vida En Rojo from Spain keeps it super casual with a slogan tee, mom jeans, tote bag and high top sneaker combo. Her graphic mask lends a visual pop to spice it all up.

Mask + Long Blazer, Wide Leg Trousers, Low Top Sneakers

Taylor Doucette from Canada chooses a sleek chic outfit route while wearing a long blazer layered over a white top tucked into a pair of wide-legged dressy trousers. Her mask look’s anchored down with low top sneakers.

Mask + Crop Top, Leather Pants, Botanical Arm Candies

Timea Tardy from Hungary wears a crop top with her leather pants. To complete her fashionable masked look, she carries her plant babies with gloved hands.

Well friends, that’s it for now. What do you think of these pandemic-conscious fashion looks? Which one’s your favorite?

Have a unique mask look of your own? Share it with us! We love hearing form you :)



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