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New Party Dresses Get More Layered And Extra Asymmetric

Party dress style inspo for girls who can’t get enough of the dramatically layered and asymmetric look.

Fresh from the new party-ready collection of DreamTales Wardrobe, there’s a sense that they are answering the wishes of girls and women are into the dramatically layered and asymmetrical cuts in their modern party dresses.

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a party frock with an almost dessert-like appeal – think layered cakes, muffins and cupcakes.

Sweet things aside, there certainly is something visually sweet in the latest breed of party dresses. Fitted bodice is balanced out with flared skirts equipped with tiered ruffles and statement folds. I view ruffles differently than a folded piece of fabric but perhaps that’s me.


Charming Floral Tiered Ruffle Dress

Floral with a ruffly character. The more ruffles, the merrier.

Eyelet fabric cut in a lush tiered ruffle look makes your heart go aaahh. If you’re one to decorate yourself in fabric with floral motif, this is the dress to nab as it is as you can see in your favorite print but with extra style twists added – from the eyelet lace to the tiered ruffle format, making it absolutely ladylike in every aspect.


Statement Asymmetric Overlap Hem Dress

For the minimalist yet selectively adventurous girl, I recommend the subtle color-block party piece with a layered style skirt that features stunning overlapping ‘folds’ – the dress effortlessly is a magnet for every furtive positively-approving glance and is definitely a conversation starter.

For more dresses with asymmetric style, please give DreamTales Wardrobe a visit! They have tons to choose from and have weekly new dress collection to satisfy your ever elaborate fashion needs.

So gals, what do you think of these dresses? Which style would you wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

Image Credit : DreamTales Wardrobe

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