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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Nail The Monsoon Chic Look With Muddy Green Outerwear Trend

Fashionista NOW: Nail The Monsoon Chic Look With Muddy Green Outerwear Trend

Nail The Monsoon Chic Look With Muddy Green Outerwear Trend

Don’t let the monsoon crimp your style. Put your best effort in layering with muddy green jackets and nail down the monsoon chic look!

Surviving the monsoon here is an art. The bright and shiny sun hides the fact that it will pour hard not only on the asphalt but also on the very heads of those unprotected by sturdy umbrellas who have been played by Mr. Sun into wearing a flimsy blouse, littlest of shorts and flip flops or worse, the birkies because we all know that stupid soggy feeling when our toes have no hope of every drying while in them but to shrivel up like prunes.

As November reigns in, the combo of El Nino and monsoonic pours teaches us one thing about the weather: the unpredictability requires a certain clever manoeuvring and that entails the need for the right outerwear to be slipped into at a sudden last minute.

The idea for this piece came about as I sat feeling ridiculously morose for no other reason than I quite loathe the gloomy, doomy weather we’re having here at the moment and whilst my feet and bottom are planted somewhere mountainous that are spared from rising water, I feel for the people who are in the lower grounds, as the constant droplets from the sky are the mother trigger to hellish floods.

The flood water wherever it appears is usually murky, brownish and green – not unlike the type you see on a military camo garb. And thus, coats and jackets of this mud green color set the tone for this posting and also because I apparently seem to like eyeballing things I don’t yet have in my closet.

So, for those of you who are looking to battle the monsoon by blending in who find yourself in need of a perfect outerwear that captures the color of the flood water, coolly referred to as the army or khaki green, perhaps, you’ll enjoy the list below.


Random fact about me: I like hooded jackets. Can’t get over the hoods!

Do you like jackets and coats of the muddy green color? Which one do you see yourself wearing? Do share away, below – I like hearing from you, fashion-loving peeps!

“I have discovered that the world over, unusual weather prevails at all times of the year.”Edgar Rice Burroughs

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