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Fashionista NOW: The Faux Hate Against 90s Trends & Current 90s Style Outfit Ideas

Credit | Jessica Grrl

Feels like the 90s was just yesterday. Read me reminiscing over the era, reacting over faux hate directed at some 90s fashion trends and appreciating how the fashion peeps are doing their 90s style outfits now.

Who remembers slap bracelets from the 90s? Yay, if you can remember them because they’re the stuff of my childhood and now, they’re being labeled as a cringe-worthy fashion trend of the 90s, by The Stir. Why and what exactly is cringe-inducing about them is a mystery because they only mentioned that some schools used to ban the use of the bracelets because of the slapping involved to wear them on your wrist. That is actually something new to me because no one was allowed to wear any type of bracelets in my school!

And, how dare they lump toe rings and tiny backpacks into the cringe list where body glitter and light-up sneakers are actually deserving of their spots? Hello: These former two trends were at least eye-catching and they still are! Scrunchies, though were a bit awkward-looking now as I gaze back nostalgically into the deep, dark and innocent past but hey, they were, at least unintentionally adorable, especially when worn by cute gals.

Oh yeah, and did you know that they actually list up choker necklaces as one of the top cringe-worthy trends? Gosh, I swear they write things just to get a rise out of people like me. Stop trolling me, The Stir, please!

Anyway, if you lot are yearning for the awesome 90s, I hear you. This was a time before everyone had their faces buried in screens of varying sizes, and if you wanted to see the new music video clip by The Backstreet Boys, you had to wait patiently by the ancient T.V. with a giant behind. And posters came with the purchase of cassettes and those posters of cute lads, you lovingly glued onto an empty wall in your room until one day, you realized someone had punched holes into Brian’s eyeballs and you plotted to destroy one of your brother’s prized possessions, which might have been a yo-yo ball or some lame action figure!! *LOL*

Enough of me reminiscing, let’s turn our attention to the current outfit interpretations of the 90s style coordinated by these stylish queens!

How They Do The 90s Style Swag NOW:

| Adrienn Milo

| Andrea Chavez

| Alicia Nicholls

| Arjena Duci

| Olivia Fleming

| Elisa Bellino

| K.C.

| Yuki Haze

Fun fact about me: I had worn a creeper style shoe back in the day and only to have found out that it is technically called a creeper just now (Have I mentioned this, before? Feels like déjà vu. Forgive me, if I have. I’m just really old…). I really wasn’t kidding when I said I knew and cared for nothing about fashion back when I was fighting the great puberty crisis in the 90s. Urghh, this song makes me so nostalgic, why? And it’s not even a 90s song!

Well folksies, what do you make of the faux hate directed at the 90s trends we all know every cool kid now absolutely LOVE? Are there 90s trends you just cannot stand by no matter how much they’re celebrated now? Do be real and share your raw thoughts below – I get a kick out of reading them and will reply!

“In the early ’90s, there was such a limited idea of what you could see on TV.”Margaret Cho

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