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Fashionista NOW: Fringe & Tassels With A Turkish-Asian Tribal Style

Fringe & Tassels With A Turkish-Asian Tribal Style

Credit | The Black Coral

Fringe, tassels – dip-dyed and punctuated with tribal touches, Istanbul-based The Black Coral features earrings and necklaces that will have you feeling instantly sunny and fabulous!

The Black Coral is a haven for those who are obsessed with fringes and tassels. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, the independent jewelry store is the result of the combined collaboration between Verda, a well-travelled musician, nomad and jeweler – and her father, who manufactures all-things fringe and tassels.

Verda’s nomadic lifestyle — that started way back in 2005 — ensures that her deep well of inspiration never runs dry as her love and fascination for Asian culture whilst travelling in Thailand and India helps her infuse the ethnic and tribal elements of her own Turkish culture with that of  influences from the two countries. Not only is she an enthused, passionate, free-spirited, fringe jewelry maker and designer, Verda also plays the ukulele and sings in an ethnic music band called the Cosmic Laughter. The band plays in festivals all across Turkey and their soothing music can be listened to online via SoundCloud.

In the near future, The Black Coral will be expanding their love for tassels by having their very first fringe-oriented innerwear collection which will be perfect for the upcoming sunny seasons. The collection will include fringe and tassels (of course, duh!), influenced by the tribal communities (of Turkey, Thailand and India) with an ethnic touch. There will also be a limited romantic edition pieces.

Asked about what her advice is for those who are just venturing into selling handmade jewelry online, Verda stresses the key lies in being fearless and having confidence in your abilities:

“To a person who is just starting out in jewelry-designing and selling, I would suggest not to be afraid of any design you create. Just give it a try and believe in yourself. Once there is trust and passion, the universe will help and many opportunities will arise. If your heart says yes, then, it is the perfect design.”


What do you think of the fringe pieces above? Do you see yourself making a fringy statement? Drop your lines below – I want to know your thoughts, dreams and all of it!

Give The Black Coral a browse-through, if you’re looking for statement fringe necklaces and earrings and have a piece of Turkey (I mean, the country, not the poultry…ha-ha) to carry with you, wherever you go!

“Living a nomad lifestyle made me feel so light and free. It made me understand and love myself more each day.” — Verda, The Black Coral

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