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Fashionista NOW: Intoxicating Amethyst Crystal Necklace Jewelry Inspiration

Are you into purple hued crystal jewelry? Our soothing amethyst crystal necklace list will have you drooling!

Do we consciously think of the colors we choose to adorn our bodies with or do we let our mood tango itself into a decision and take it from there? When I was younger, pimply, oily and awkward, wardrobe-planning wasn’t as elaborate as I have got myself involved into lately. And then, there’s the jewelry side of the equation. To eliminate time wasted sprucing up, I’ve ensured to keeping it minimal as it is the goal I now consciously aim for.

The focus of today’s jewelry highlight is amethyst. The name Amethyst derives from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not drunk” or “not intoxicated”. While I own not a single piece of amethyst jewelry, unlike other crystals that I initially thought I would be more inclined to like because they’re of the colors I’m known to love: blue or rose quartz, namely, for instance, my automatic fascination with the soft hues of purple amethyst crystals is immediate and it poses no surprise as amethyst remains throughout the ages, a universally-loved crystal.

What does an amethyst crystal stone symbolize? I know some people are huge on decorating the nooks and crannies of their homes with crystals these days but to be honest, that aspect of house decoration just doesn’t appeal to me because that will entail future rearranging of dust which isn’t my cup of tee and if I had it my way, I’ll remove all home adornments and keep the surfaces bare.

Amethyst crystal in jewelry, though, in that specifically simple geometric design, on the other hand, makes me quiver with a little bit of excitement.

According to the study of color symbolism, purple gemstones are associated with purification and mysticism. If you’d like to utilize your imagination to the fullest, recalibrate your life, declutter it from hurdles, soothe hyperactivity and get some reprieve from depression, amethyst purples crystals are highly recommended for for the grounding effect they’re associated with.

Nevertheless, of course, without any proven scientific foundation, one should take the idea of a crystal’s healing power with a big spoon of salt and a lot of placebo. I, for one, believe in surrounding the self with beauty and positive energy and while this could be done by wearing amethyst jewelry as it is beautiful to look at and even more delightful to wear, it is not the answer for organic maladies that only a certified physician can treat.

Anyway, if you love amethyst for the beauty you find in the purple hues like I do, check out the list of the spellbinding amethyst necklaces you could pop on easily with whatever you’re wearing, down below and enjoy!

Immerse your sight with the soothing hues of amethyst crystal:

Are you into amethyst jewelry as I do? Which of the necklaces do you see yourself wearing? What do you think of the perception that there is a ‘healing power in crystals’ as hyped up by some? I’d love to know what you think!

Fun fact about me: When I was depressed and anxiety-laden in my early twenties, the walls of my room were dark blue, a color I’d chosen myself year before because it was my favorite color. As I shed the negativity in my thought and action, I gave my room an update by painting it in a soft yellow hue that instantly brightened and opened up the space as well as my mind.

“(The raindrops) played across the coast all through the night, until the soft new day shrugged itself awake, tried on amethyst and lavender for a while, and finally decided on pale yellow.”Gary D. Schmidt

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