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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Pull Off Hats And Be That Cool Hat Girl

Credit | Lauren

Do you feel awkward in hats and hate how they just don’t go with your outfit? Let’s take our hats off to the cool hat-wearing gals who will show you how to make your hat sing in any type of outfit!

So, it is a hat-wearing kind of weather for those whose Autumn dressing obligates it. There are many styles of hats out there but one that comes with a brim – narrow or wide – in particular have come to tug at my heart. Blame on the dark witch look or the Coven, I just love the vibe these hats introduce into an outfit.

From fedoras to wide brim floppy hats, the variety is endless so that you can test the waters by trying out every single one of them to find the perfect hat to insulate your head from the elements and keep you trendy at the same time. With the howling winds and hair-raising temps, layers start to happen and hats fly off of shelves across the globe and onto heads of many people.

While many just plops a hat over whatever they happen to be wearing, others are treating the headgear as a kind of accessory they carefully pair with a meticulously styled outfit.

If you want to wear hats like you mean it, I believe in intentionally teaming them well with the right outfit. And because, where I am is pretty humid that hats fail to make a vital addition within my wardrobe, and that I’m honestly not your cool hat-girl, I present to you the lookbookers who are and they will show you how to make your hats SING with all kinds of outfits!


Random fact about me: I feel like munching on an Apple Crisp granola bar. The craving is too real right now!

Which of the looks you like best? Are you a hat person yourself? What is the style(s) of hat you’re currently into? Share below – delight us with your thoughts!

“Wearing hats has become like fine art for me.”Tina Brown

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