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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Must-Have Patterned Mod Kebaya For Your Raya 2017 Festive OOTD

Fashionista NOW: Must-Have Patterned Mod Kebaya For Your Raya 2017 Festive OOTD

Must-Have Patterned Mod Kebaya For Your Raya 2017 Festive OOTD

Credit | Whitesoot

Striking patterned modern kebayas to grab pronto before they’re all gone and tears drip down your cheeks.

Raya is on the horizon and this post is dedicated to the last-minute shoppers who have strong love for kebaya. The first time I saw a peek of Whitesoot Raya 2017 collection was while scrolling down the endless photo trove of my Instagram feed. How can I not gasp, pause and quietly drool and covet the Japanese-inspired mod kebaya in coffee brown that stared back at me. With all the solid-colored baju raya of the minimalistic variety my eyeballs have been looking at for weeks, I was stunned to be impressed by something printed, finally.

The Whitesoot’s kebaya collection has a very streamlined silhouette sitting in lovely juxtaposition to its statement motif in floral, chevron and palm tree. I especially adore the gently nipped-in waist and hidden front zip and hidden sleeve sleeve opening that make certain the focus is on the print explosion. The long skirt has a wrap front style and an overall narrow construction that I love, with elastic waistband so you can just slip it on easily.

Not only do the prints come in a mix of captivating colors, the Japanese-inspired floral motif makes you feel like you’re in a kimono but nope, you’re in a Malay traditional wear that has that modern impact. I just love it! What’s even more awesome is the kebaya collection is made of cotton so ladies YEP, you can keep cool while swallowing tons of kuih, ketupat and rendang even if the fan is not working. Okay, the last bit is a reach. Hopefully, your body comes with built-in air-conditioning because the tropical heat is killer!

Jokes aside, I hope you’ll enjoy looking through the compilation of 5 kebaya modern from Whitesoot that I would personally wear. Enjoy!


Baby Blue Rose Mod Kebaya


| shop here


Floral Amethyst Mod Kebaya


| shop here


Vibrant Chevron Mod Kebaya


| shop here


Palm Tree Print Mod Kebaya


| shop here


Japanese-Inspired Mod Kebaya


| shop here


The sizes run from S to 2XL so be sure to refer to the sizing chart even though you’re on speed shopping mode. For more kebaya sets to consider, check out the rest of their Raya 2017 collection which is on SALE now.

Which kebaya modern would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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