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Fashionista NOW: Minimalist Black And White Sleeved Striped Dresses Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Jasmine M.

Are you looking for pretty black & white striped dresses with sleeves? Then, this dress list is for you!

We’ve heard it all before. Stripes slim you down. Vertical stripes visually trick you into appearing thinner. And then science busted the myth only to state that horizontal stripes in comparison are kinder to a figure that needs visual trickery to trim it down. Whatever it is you may have heard about stripes on clothing, one thing remains crystal clear, as a print style, it is a classic!

On dresses (or any garment), I find narrow stripes in black and white easier to sport and much more appealing than the broad counterpart that just screams prisoner-on-the-loose more than the chic chick in town.

For those on a hunt for B&W striped dresses with sleeves, I hear you! I’ve just rounded up a few striped dresses that may just be your cup of tea down below. Whether rendered in short sleeves, long or a three-quarter in length variety, hopefully you will find a little black and white striped dress that will work for your figure regardless of the stripes’ arrangements.

6 Little Black & White Striped Dresses For You Monochrome-Loving Fashionistas:



long sleeve striped bodycon dress ← SHOP HERE


long sleeve striped jersey dress ← SHOP HERE


long sleeve striped shirt dress ← SHOP HERE


sleeve striped dress ← SHOP HERE


striped cotton long sleeve dress ← SHOP HERE


three quarter sleeve striped dress ← SHOP HERE


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What do you think of these striped dresses? Do you like any of it? Share your favorite below!

“I am trying to break free from my stripes addiction, but the pull is strong! I need help buying non-stripes.”Gillian Jacobs

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8 comments to Fashionista NOW: Minimalist Black And White Sleeved Striped Dresses Fashion Inspiration

  • Emellie

    LIKE THE BLACK AND WHITE STRIPE SLEEVE DRESS…SO CUTE…I was of the inpression that to look skinny you wear vertical stripes…But now I guess I will try the horizontal striped dress…Thanks Jasmine….

    • I was too, previously! But if you observe the horizontal striped dresses closely and compare them with the vertical chunkier striped dress here, you can see immediately that a lot has to do with the size of the stripes :) And Jasmine’s styling of the dress reveals that by keeping it simple, you’d look chic :)

  • Applesauce

    Love the style Jasmine is wearing! :) I’ll have to pull out the stripe dresses I have because this look reminds me it is awesome!!

  • Jasministic

    I’m honored to be featured! What I love most about this dress is that it adds enough to your look; the rest of your accessories can be plain and simple. It was easy for me to throw together and go run some errands (but still look classy, of course!). It’s a staple modern piece.
    I loved the different variations you included, I might have to add a few more to my collection ;)

    • Jasmin! Thank you for sharing your thought and style process when it comes to wearing the striped dress – it looks like you have fans here and your advice is on point! It’s a pleasure to have your look posted here and I’ve updated your website’Fierce Array’ link to the credit :) Have a beautiful day love and keep blogging! <3 xo

  • Hayley

    Wow absolutely love this! Definitely going on a hunt for that perfect staple piece now!

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