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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: 7 Long Duster Cardigans For Chic Light Monsoon Layering

Fashionista NOW: 7 Long Duster Cardigans For Chic Light Monsoon Layering

7 Long Duster Cardigans For Chic Light Monsoon Layering

Do you easily feel hot and cold for reasons unknown, especially during the monsoon? A light duster style outerwear would be just what you need!

Heavy coats have no place in tropical Malaysia but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a long-lined cardi variety for us to wear. This post will highlight 7 long duster style cardigans, light enough to be worn during the monsoon when it’s windy but not exactly freezing cold. A light flowy long outerwear like this is sometimes referred to as a duster coat or cardigan and if you’re wondering why is it called a ‘duster’ then allow me to elaborate a little bit:

A duster is defined as a light, loose-fitting long coat with the original ones being full-length, light-colored canvas or linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from the trail of dust, says Mr. Wiki.

In fashion these days, you will see a lot of duster coats worn by the woman kind for all seasons. The duster cardigan worn in the summer is light, sheer and airy while the one for winter, is made of a heavier fabric material to insulate the wearer from the onslaught of unforgiving chill.

If you love the long line silhouette and the flowy appeal of a light duster style outerwear, which I will be honest and say that I’m pretty smitten too myself, then you will enjoy the list I’ve got for you below. Obviously, ZALORA has to spoil me when it comes to choice and you will see why I love their new collection of duster style cardigans so much as you scroll down to feast your eyeballs on the fashion imagery.


7 Monsoon-Friendly Duster Style Cardis You NEED Because The Temps Are Wack These Days:


Ethnic Chic | red white plaid duster shirt

For my flannel-hoarding peeps, this long-sleeved duster style shirt can be worn buttoned-down if the cold gets to you or unbuttoned for when you just want to lightly layer for effect. This could easily look pajama-ready but you know what, don’t let it stop you from styling it up with the right accessories and shoes. I do however love the lounge-y-chic look of this outfit though.



Blossom Box Store | sheer long beige cardigan

Okay, so you’re about as allergic to color as you are to body odor. No worries, pick up this beige number that has pockets and even a waist draw-string for a cinch look when needed. The comfy sporty vibe of this outfit is just right on trend, your friends will secretly be all jealous of you.



Ethnic Chic | long plaid duster shirt

Here’s another plaid duster in the trio of signature colors a flannel is instantly recognized for. Look at how you can wear it all buttoned-up or not and still, look mighty stylish. I love the way the plaid sits in contrast against the all-black outfit she’s wearing. Dainty ankle-strap heels perfect this stunning attire.



Blossom Box Store | sheer long mint duster cardigan

For my pastel-loving gals, this mint green number speaks for itself. How cotton-candy it is to pair it over an all-white fuss-free minimalist ensemble. You can wear the duster cardigan with a more defined waist by tying the drawstring into a front bow or just leave it untied so that when you move, you duster swings beautifully too.



Zalia | smudge paint floral chiffon long cardigan

A bit of print doesn’t hurt anyone. This abstract floral number is dark enough to blend into your all-black wardrobe, giving it just the right kick. This cardigan is pretty maxi long that it will make you feel like a superhero/villain/witch.



Blossom Box Store | sheer long turquoise duster cardigan

For those of you who love turquoise as much as you need oxygen to breathe, this duster cardigan is surely a keeper. A pop of color in the gloom and doom of the monsoon can be all you need to raise your mood as well as those around you, while being totally spot on in style.



Blossom Box Store | long grey kimono cardigan

Last but certainly not the least, I end the list with the favorite color go-to for the grey-obsessed fashionista. This long kimono cardigan is not just in your typical grey as upon a closer look, there is a tiny splashes of colored needlework going on all over, giving it a surprising visual twist. A keeper, indeed, this one!


So ladies and gents, would you say yes to my duster-style outerwear list? Somebody dear suggested I share the weirdest bit about myself to create a channel of interest so that my readers will not think that I’m a bloody robot and so, I will!

Weird fact about me: My left ear is always itchy for no reason that I sometimes give the tragus tiny little slaps. Am I alone? I sure hope not!

“Fashion is a function of lifestyle, and style a function of quality, integrity and timelessness.”Ralph Lauren

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