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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Make A Suede Fashion Statement

Credit | Nineteen

The return of suede is in line with the 70s fashion revival. Find out how you can make a suede fashion statement not only through the much loved suede skirts but other suede options as well.

There’s nothing new about suede being in the spotlight which you might have been noticing too yourself. From the swinging bell bottom to psychedelic prints, it’s like we’ve seen the best of the 70s trends given a new life line this year. And if you’ve spotted a fashionista in her suede skirt with a button closure in the front for more than a gazillion time, you are so not alone as it is one of the skirt trends along with the denim variety that will never go out of fashion.

Considered a trend for the spring/summer, I’m guessing that it’s not the tropical summer they’re talking about because no one in their right mind would want to be sporting suede and fight with the hellish humidity the equator is associated with.

After all, suede is a kind of fabric that is just not suited for the tropical summer as it is a type of leather with a brushed or napped finish according to Mr Wiki. And we all know, leather, generally isn’t what you wear here unless you like stewing in your natural juices and scare other people away.

Anyway, now that the temps are a bit mellow with bouts of pour happening right here in my little town, a touch of suede can actually be introduced into the tropical wardrobe taking care to keep it one light suede item at a time. Color wise, I love the look of the earthy beige-y brown suede as it can be taken as another neutral and on my complexion, brown shades are just brilliant!

For those who are looking to wear suede and join in the fun of the 70s fashion revival, feast your eyeballs below and you will see that there are other suede options to sport besides the ubiquitous front button suede skirt.

Suede Outerwear

| M. Shelly

| Juliette Jakubowska

Suede Skirts

| Demi W.

| Hannah N.

Suede Dress

| Emma Reay

Suede Hat

| Michelle Dion

Suede Top

| Pam Hetlinger

Suede Shorts

| Samira Radmehr

| Reneta Kanevska

So ladies and gents: Which of the looks here is your favorite? Is the weather where you are great for wearing suede now or is it too hot still? Share your thoughts, I love reading them!

Weird fact about me: My skin is so oily that it’s never without a slick layer of oil. Gross, I know. They say it’s a sign that I will not have wrinkles before my time. I like that, but why must oil be so shiny? Good things come with a hidden negative, I suppose.

“There is a secret hippie within me.”Phillip Lim

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